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Digital Stylus Force Scales
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Digital Stylus Force Scales

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Digital Stylus Force Scales

An Essential Turntable Set-up Tool.


Please note this is used in Laboratories for weighing precious Gems, as your cartridge Cantilever has in most cases a Diamond on the tip, this calibration tool is ideal for the purpose and is a very popular cost affective product.

Setting the correct tracking force with these Stylus Gauge scales is easy. They are Much more accurate than the mechanical ones and far easier to use.

One simply places the device on the platter and then lowers the cartridge onto the measuring area, and the exact tracking weight is clearly displayed on the LED.

These Stylus Gauge scales will measure the down force to a 0.1 gm accuracy, so there is never a feeling of doubt.. These are a real must if you own a high quality turntable arm and cartridge.

With a poorly setup cartridge you are creating premature wear on your stylus and you are not getting optimum sound quality.

These scales have been used to set up high end turntables such as Michell Orbes, Michell Gyrodec's, Avids and Linn Sondek LP12'S, also Clearaudios , Regas, Mantras, Pink Triangles. In fact they will set up nearly all Tonearms and MM Cartridges.

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Friday, 16 November 2018  | 

Item was as delivered very quickly. I found that it was a bit flaky to use, with the LED fading up and down. Nevertheless, it did the job it was meant for. It makes me wonder why people pay so much more for something that does the same as this for the end result. The only reason I didnt give it five stars was because of the led inconsistency. But the scales are accurate.

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Very Good
Friday, 1 April 2016  | 

Not only for weighting stylus force,it‘s for more flexible uses

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Only weighs to nearest 0.1g?
Saturday, 9 May 2015  | 

The box these scales come in shows there are 6 versions with different ranges and accuracies. The version I was supplied with has a 500g range, in 0.1g steps. There is another version with just a 100g range and a 0.01g step size. 4 of the 6 versions have this 0.01g step size. Given that for stylus force you are only operating in a range of maybe 1.5g – 2.5g, the 0.1g step only allows you to be accurate to the nearest ~5% of the range you care about.

I checked the absolute accuracy with a 5g weight, and the scale appears accurate (as in it displays 5.0g with a 5.0g calibration weight on it), but if you e.g. need to dial in a force of 1.75g, you can only go for 1.7g, or 1.8g, and then go “somewhere in the middle”. If you are homing in on the best tracking force with e.g. a test record, you can only set forces in steps of 0.1g, but these are all going to be to the nearest 0.1g only, so it is all a bit of an approximation. So with this scale, you can accurately check that things are roughly right in terms of stylus force, and re-set the same force roughly the same, but surely the model with steps of 0.01g would be better for playing around with stylus force?

I upgraded to an MC cartridge since getting this, so I can no longer use it for checking stylus force anyway. This very portable 500g scale turns out to be great for travel though – I now use it to weight out dry dog food, and ingredients for bread making when away from home!

It may be worth asking the supplier of they can supply the 0.01g step version of this good value scale – that could be more useful for stylus force setting and great value at this price. You get what you pay for – if you are happy with having 0.1g steps, this is fine. I now have the Project Measure It Scale which costs 5 x as much, but has much smaller steps (0.001g) in the 0 – 5g range.

So 3* for stylus force adjustments from me, but probably 5* from my hungry Labrador when she’s wanting some food!

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Great Product
Friday, 8 August 2014  | 

Great Product, Set up my Michell Gyrodec SE using it. Very good quality and service.


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Setting tracking weight
Friday, 18 April 2014  | 

Easy to use and a great help in adjusting tonearm weights to the right position

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