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Winyl One Touch Polymer Stylus Cleaner
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 Winyl One Touch Polymer Stylus CleanerWinyl One Touch Polymer Stylus Cleaner 

Winyl One Touch Polymer Stylus Cleaner

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Winyl One Touch Polymor Stylus Cleaner

One-Touch Polymer is the ultimate stylus cleaner solution. Designed to provide an easy and effective cleaning process for an audiophile experience.


  •   100% safe.

  •   Remove dust and microscopic dirt.

  •   Leave no residue on the Stylus tip.

  •   Clean corner-gap between cantilever and stylus.

  •   No stress to the suspension and cantilever.

  •   Reduce noise and distortion.

  • Easy to use

    Place the cartridge above One-Touch, lower it slowly until the stylus needle is inserted into the polymer and lift it up. The dirt will stick to the polymer surface.

    Long lasting for demanding users

    100% monocomponent PU polymer. Stable, no liquids, no evaporation. Washable for repeated use once and once again for long years.

    High-Tech Urethane Polymer for strict cleaning performance

    Product Specifications


Dry Cleaning System

Made from an innovative solid Urethane (PU) polymer.

Highly elastic, soft and strong adhesive ability to keep the Stylus in pristine condition.

Liquid-free. Solvent-free


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