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ADOT Fibre Network Kit
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ADOT Fibre Network KitADOT Fibre Network KitADOT Fibre Network KitADOT Fibre Network Kit

ADOT Fibre Network Kit

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ADOT Fibre Network Kit

MC01 Media Converter

Designing a fibre unit for hi-fi systems is a challenge. Because fibre is used in IT systems primarily for speed, and hi-fi doesn’t need fibre for speed, it needs it for clarity!
In fact reducing the comms speed of the MC01 to 100Mb/s improves the sound quality of a network player. This is possible simply by setting a couple of switches. Internally, the construction of MC01 is to Enterprise Standards and this extends to the massive Ethernet magnetics that couple to the copper part of the network.

SFP adapters

There are many choices of fibre configuration and wavelength (colour) of the optical transfer. Audiophile DOT simplifies the decision by supplying a matched pair of Duplex SFP adapters with matched fibre.


The fibre has to match the design parameters of the SFP adapters and so the Duplex fibre that is supplied is paired with the SFP adapters. Connectivity of the fibre adapters is critical and the terminations are all factory-made in clean-room conditions. 1.5m lengths mean that the devices can be tucked out of then way behind a hi-fi system.
There is a limit of several hundred metres for the fibre link. The fibre is also less than 3mm in diameter, and so is ideally suited for making the connection between the router and the hi-fi system, even in the largest homes or between buildings.
Audiophile DOT can supply standard lengths of optical fibre up to 50 m, or supply custom cables up to 200 m; all are clean-room-assembled with individual performance tables supplied with each cable.

Simple power supply upgrade options.

Audiophile Fibre Network Connectivity kits; for when copper just isn’t good enough! A suite of audiophile-grade kits to simplify the isolation of high-end audio systems using fibre optic components carefully optimised for hi-fi use
The basic Audiophile DOT MC01 Fibre kit comprises
  • A single Audiophile DOT Media Converter (and power supply)
  • A 1.5m fibre cable
  • A pair of fibre terminations known as SFP adapters
Simple power supply upgrade options:-
The MC01 kit
  • Supplied as a complete kit with a universal voltage power adapter in EU or UK fitting
The MC02 kit
  • Supplied with a linear power supply that ensures no additional noise is generated
The MC03 kit
  • The ultimate solution, supplied with a custom build PLiXiR low noise power supply with 3 stage noise reduction
SFP adapters
  • Powered from their host devices
MC Accessory
  • Single MC01 Media Converter with an adapter lead to use existing power supply


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