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Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue Plus

Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue Plus

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Ringmat Statmat CDi Blue Plus

Statmat CDi Blue Plug is a new and far more powerful Statmat. Like the Award Winning standard CDi Blue, it comprises two Statmats working together at 90 degree to each other and on different sides of a 0.1mm blue polyester substrate. The Statmat film on top is a mirror image of the standard one below.

However, Statmat CDi Blue Plus differs from the standard CDi Blue in the following 3 ways:

  • The Statmat film below the 0.1mm blue polyester substrate has been cut slightly differently.
  • Both the top and lower films are connected to the substrate at 3 equidistant points instead of at just 2 points in the case of the lower film of the standard CDi Blue.
  • As with the single film Statmat CDi Plus, the CDi Blue Plug has a re-peelable adhesive collar around the centre hole of the underside of the Statmat. This ensures fixed contact with the disc so that the Statmat stays firmly n position during play and (with drawer loading mechanisms) when the tray opens and closes. However the Statmat lifts off the disc with ease for re-use with the next disc. 

It is important that the re-peelable adhesive collar around the centre hole on the underside of the lower film maintains its adhesive properties. Therefore, care has to be taken not the drop the Statmat onto the carpet or to place it on any surface that may attract hairs, dust and other particles. Also, care has to be taken that the disc to be played is clean and that fingerprint marks have not contaminated it. 








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