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Ringmat Cabinet Vibration Absorption Damper

Ringmat Cabinet Vibration Absorption Damper

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Ringmat Cabinet Vibration Absorption Damper

All cabinets suffer from vibration; vibration damages the sound.

Use a Ringmat Damper on top of your loudspeakers and equipment to absorb those vibrations in the cabinets. Ringmat Dampers represent a new approach to vibration absorption and are used on top of the equipment so there is no need to open anything up. All aspects of sound reproduction are noticeably improved, especially the timing of the music.

  • Normal Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Overall Diameter: 98mm

Ringmat Dampers are complex layers of materials designed to absorb vibrations in loudspeaker and equipment cabinets. The vibrational energy is then dispersed into the air. The construction of the Dampers is similar to that used for Ringmat Feet, but with important differences as they are used on top rather than underneath speakers and equipment.


Initially, identify the corner bearing the least weight of the loudspeaker or equipment housing concerned. As a general rule with loudspeakers, most of the weight is at the front and evenly spread left and right, so use the Damper on top of the speaker in the rear right hand quarter. With equipment, where the weight is at the back, it is generally best to use the Damper in the front right hand quarter, and in the back left hand quarter if the weight is at the front. 

Keeping the Damper within the lightest quarter, place the outside edge of the Damper against an imaginary line half way between the two longest sides, with the centre of the Damper half way between the centre point on the longest side and the end of loudspeaker or equipment housing adjoining the lightest quarter.

Then, whilst listening to the sound from your best sounding recording at its most rhythmical, move the Damper around a little to see if an even better sounding position can be found.


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