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Rega RP8 Turntable
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Rega RP8 Turntable

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Manufacturer:  Rega


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Rega RP8 Turntable 

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Skeletal design: Ground-breaking performance

The new Rega RP8 turntable. Rega is extremely pleased to announce the launch of the much awaited RP8 turntable. A turntable which takes Rega’s design philosophy further than ever before. A radical new plinth using custom designed materials, a new tonearm bearing assembly, 24v low volt-age motor controlled by a hand tuned electronic power supply and a custom version of Rega's Planar 9 engineered hub bearing assembly. These are just some of the features of this amazing new turntable designed to extract more music from your vinyl than ever before.

Evolution is a well proven and documented process in many areas of our lives. This applies in particular to design engineers and machines. Over the past forty years our cars have become more reliable and economical whilst we take for granted the reliability and speed of modern aircraft. Rega is no exception to evolution and creation. Rega’s experience and previous achievements allow them to continually develop and produce better products. 

The Rega RP8 represents probably the biggest step forward in the evolution of Roy Gandy’s turntable design philosophies. Low mass, high rigidity plinths combined with electronically controlled low vibration motors, high flywheel effect platters and lower mass higher stability tonearms.

The RP8 is the first of Rega's new “skeletal” design turntables offering ground-breaking levels of performance and amazing value for money. The RP8 is also be available with its perfect partner, the Apheta moving coil cartridge, factory fitted as a package option. The RP8 can be used with or without the outer frame if so desired.

TTPSU power supply

The compact TT-PSU uses a high stability, crystal locked, low distortion sine wave generator. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier fed from a stabilised DC power supply, generates a 24V AC balanced signal of less than 0.05% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. This then drives the improved Rega anti-vibration circuit built into the RP8 motor PCB.

RB808 Tonearm

The RB808 tonearm is packed with new features pushing the boundaries of tonearm design. As with all Rega tonearms each one is meticulously hand built by a team of highly skilled technicians. The RB808 has improved bearings and a tightened spindle fit tolerance over previous models (each bearing is individually selected to find the perfect match for the chosen spindle). This is a proven method of increasing the amount of detail retrieved from the record surface.

Turntable engineering at its finest

A brand new low mass precision engineered vertical bearing assembly has been manufactured to further compliment the inherent design philosophy of the RP8 turntable. The RB808 uses the latest Rega arm tube. Completely redesigned to redistribute mass, further reduce stresses and resonances. This advanced design tube increases the stiffness and rigidity of the overall assembly using CAD design to blend the multiple varying tapers. Externally Rega have fitted a bespoke Rega designed low capacitance phono cable. Which uses an advanced phono plug assembly. This has only two parts to minimise joints and incorporates a twist and clamp design locking the plug to the terminal. The design increases connectivity and ensures the signal path is kept as clean as possible.

A super lightweight plinth combined with a double brace mounted specifically where the increased rigidity is required (between the tonearm mounting and the main hub bearing) forms a structurally sound “stressed beam” assembly. This design prevents energy absorption and unwanted resonances which will add un-natural distortions to the music. The RP8 takes Rega's double brace technology to the next level. Not content with an unprecedented stiffness to mass ratio, Rega have obsessively reduced any resonant properties by using two different materials for the new stressed beam. The top layer is magnesium and the bottom layer is pheno-lic (two of the lightest and stiffest materials available). Incorporating two different materials into the brace structure lowers their ability to pick up unwanted airborne vibrations. Simply put, different materials have different natural resonances. By using two different materials together they decrease the natural frequency of each other by self damping.

The new Glass Platter Design

The new RP8 three piece laminated glass platter is the result of a collaboration with a small, emerging, young British glass engineering company. As a general rule the only part of a turntable that requires extra mass is the turntable platter in order to achieve constant rotational speed. However a heavier platter creates more problems for the main bearing design so again an ideal compromise creates the best solution. Practically this means keeping as much of the mass to the outside rim of the glass platter to create more flywheel effect but keeping the inside of the platter as light as possible without sacrificing stiffness. The RP6 was the first Rega turntable to use a precision engineered glass ring laminated to the outside using modern CNC techniques to ensure concentricity. The RP8 takes it one step further by laminating three rings together to produce the RP8 super flywheel effect glass platter - an engineering triumph!

Controversially Rega has always researched methods of producing light but stiff and rigid plinths. The technology is simple: unwanted noise at microscopic levels is developed by the turntable motor and main bearing. The plinth can also pick up airborne vibration from the music. From the beginning in the 1970’s Rega pioneered the use of a stressed skin structure for the plinth. This uses two layers of phenolic resin with a lightweight particle or fibre board sandwiched between the skins. This technique has been used in many applications where stiff, light structures are needed such as an aircraft wing or a Formula 1 chassis. The current increase in interest in turntables has allowed Rega to research and develop higher technology structures for the customer who is happy pay a little more for higher sound quality. The all new RP8 turntable utilises a unique new stressed skin structure produced from thin phenolic skins sandwiching a featherweight nitrogen expanded, closed cell, polyolefin foam core. This material has been developed exclusively for Rega over a three year period. The RP8 plinth is 7 times lighter than the weight of the original Planar 3 plinth. Rega has added even more stiffness in the crucial area between the arm and the main bearing.

A common problem for many skeletal design turntables is the inability to incorporate an effective dust cover into the design. Rega have constructed an outer frame that minimises contact between the inner and outer plinth. The only points of contact are three location devices on the feet which centralises the inner and outer plinths perfectly. This makes set-up extremely easy and allows the use of a dust cover. The RP8 can be used without the outer frame if so desired.










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A twisty road to good sound
Sunday, 12 March 2017  | 

Initially felt like something was mising with the rp8 with a VDH cartidge. Finally realised the VDH is very sensitive to the tracking angle and after adding a 1mm platter mat it seemed to come alive.

Only 4 stars because the rega doesnt have vta adjustment (am using an adaptor with 2mm increments) and when you add the spacer the dust cover on the turntable bashes against the tonearm weight and can't be closed (apparently this can be remedied by buying a non rega counterweight). Still a bit perplexed by how the Rega people can come up with a this fancy design to isolate the table from the cover then manufacture a dust cover that is 6mm too low for people using non-rega cartidges. That's quite a significant design fault that wouldn't be acceptable in any other manufacturing business at this price level.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016  | 

This is my first turntable that beats hi resolution digital. If this is not enough, go to a showroom and listen for yourself! Worth every penny. Analogue Seducation have done a good job. The always listen, support, and provide good advice

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11 of 11 people found this review helpful.

Better than the reviews!
Friday, 22 May 2015  | 

After more than 30 years 9 turntables I've finally found the one. The dynamic range from bass to treble is outstanding, the separation and detail just keeps me in awe. Before purchase I had researched many TT and had a short list of 5, this was by far the best sounding to my ears.

Lastly the service from AS was fantastic, great communication and over night delivery.

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19 of 19 people found this review helpful.

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