Moth MkII Pro Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine
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Moth MkII Pro Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

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Moth MkII Pro Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine


  • Dispenser Bottle
  • Applicator Brush
  • 1 Litres Record Cleaning Fluid
  • 50 x Poly lined Inner Sleeves
  • Replacement vacuum tube pads

The Moth Record Cleaning machine is a wet cleaning/Vacuum removal device with powered turntable and drainable internal reservoir. Fluid is applied by hand to a rotating record, scrubbed, and drawn off by a high efficiency vacuum system into a drainable reservoir. The unit is housed in a 16swg. Steel enclosure and finished off by a high quality injection moulded smoked lid. The machine has been designed to be rugged enough for both the professional cleaning service and the domestic private user.

Collections of 1000+ records by enthusiasts are common, and the purchase of second hand records in large batches is increasing, as new records become less obtainable.

The MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine is based upon the well proven and accepted record cleaner that has been available from Moth for a number of years. The MKII version of the machine allows for bi-directional operation of the turntable in both the fluid application 'Wash' cycle and in the vacuum 'Drying' phase. The vacuum tube has been modified to allow for the new two way movement and to offer a more efficient vacuum system. A full size dark acrylic lid is fitted to the MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine.

The Moth Mk II Pro record cleaning machine is identical to the Mk II model, but includes a cooling fan to keep the vacuum motor from heating up during extended cleaning sessions. If you expect to clean more than 8-10 records at a time, we recommend the Pro model over the standard Mk II.

Like the standard model, the Pro dispenses with the need for a platter. Instead, the record is clamped to a small  round platform for the wet cleaning phase of operation, then turned upside down for the vacuum phase. While the first side is being vacuumed, of course, the second side can be wet cleaned. During either phase, the motor can be operated in both directions.

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