Oyaide SLSC RCA Plugs - Set of 4

Oyaide SLSC RCA Plugs - Set of 4

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Oyaide SLSC RCA Plugs - Set of 4

The plugs are the gateways of signal transmission and define the quality of sound. As the original plug of the SL series, SLSC is produced to maximise the potential of cable. We employ 4N pure silver, which has the highest electrical conductivity in all metals for the contact pin. SLSC actualises the transmission of a high-quality and lossless sound.

The body and housing of SLSC is made of brass and processed by CNC machining; it is high-density and has a high shielding performance compared to an existing lost-wax processed body. For its surface treatment, hard-chrome plating is coated like on the body of a camera. The knurled pattern on the surface of SLSC enhances the handling property.

The insulator is a significant factor in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable. For the purpose of reducing signal loss we employed Teflon, which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity.


  • 4mm 4N silver round-bar precision CNC machined contact pin
  • Mechanical barrelled and hand polished finish
  • Pure silver for high-speed transmission and excellent electrical conductivity
  • Impedance  set to 75Ω to meet the standard precisely
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