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Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit
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Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade kit for Debut, Xpression, Pro-Ject 1 / 1.2 / 2,  RPM 4 & 5

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Manufacturer:  Pro-Ject

Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit

This is an affordable upgrade kit for the Pro-Ject Debut (all models) Xpression (all models), Pro-Ject 1, 1.2, 2, RPM 4 or RPM 5 (all models), designed to improve the sound of these models without needing to buy a whole new hi-fi turntable. This simple but intuitive set adds qualities and features to your existing deck, which are only usually associated with much more expensive systems, enhancing the existing components to perform at their very best.

How does it work?

By placing the two rubber gromits under the motor (where the transit screws are usually fitted) and screwing into place with the screws supplied, the motor is better decoupled (isolated) from the turntable plinth. By doing this, unwanted vibrations from the motor are dramatically reduced, causing less unwanted resonance in the overall sound performance, essentially allowing the tonearm to transmit the sound signal better.

The new pulley is fitted to the motor by removing the existing pully (there may be a small screw holding the existing pulley in place - this needs to be removed), and placing the new unit in the same position. The rounded belt is placed into position in the same way as before. These simple steps again help reduce unwanted resonance within the turntable's component parts, and are features normally found on much more expensive models.

Note: Owners of the Pro-Ject Debut S/E3 turntable do not need to purchase this kit, it is part of the feature set of the Special Edition model.


  • 2 Rubber Gromits and Screws
  • Rounded Drive Belt & Alternative Pulley
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The improvement is there
Wednesday, 16 May 2018  | 

So I was in need of a new belt, and for 5 more pounds I thought to myself why not take this upgrade kit.

And it's worth it. I now about this kit for a few years, since the problem appeared on the Debut Carbon (AC model) and RPM5 had noise induced from motor vibration.

I've separated my motor, from my Pro-ject Debut, inside a metal housing, and just used the pulley and the belt and there is a huge difference in vibration transmission. There were strong 50/100 Hz (33.33 RPM) and 135Hz (45 RPM) resonances, that this combo pretty took care of it. It didn't eliminate them entirely, but it reduced them considerably.

Speed wise, all is good. I cannot say it offers better speed stability, but with a well centered disc I got around +/- 0.11%, which is very good for a belt drive in this price range.

All in all, I recommended it!

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Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit
Saturday, 9 December 2017  | 

Fast deliver. Installed into my Pro-Ject Debut III Esprit.
Works as expected, rumble is gone.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016  | 

Best service and very quick shipping to Germany.

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Pro-ject S/E Upgrade Kit
Friday, 18 November 2016  | 

Very easy to fit using instruction on the internet. Makes a great difference to any noisy motor or background noise problems. Very good value for the price. Fitted a new motor suspendtion rubber band at same time, easy to fit and cheap to buy!!

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The best upgrade for the least $
Tuesday, 2 August 2016  | 

Having read the reviews online, I decided to give it a go myself.

Considering the price, there was nothing to lose.

I had the usual rumble from my Pro-Ject MKIII 1xpression that seems to be common. It was not any electrical hum.That much was very easy to eliminate.

I installed the kit in ten minutes and the problem was instantly resolved.

There is now no rumble from the t/t at all. There is still the unavoidable surface noise that is inescapable, and no fault of any turntable, just the medium, but this upgrade has been extremely satisfying. The new pulley is exactly correct, and gives precisely the same pitch as the original stock item.

Regardless of whether one measures benefit against the cost, (which is exceedingly good) this would have to be the best upgrade for the Pro-Ject range of tables available in the world.

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Really helped my recordplayer
Friday, 19 February 2016  | 

This upgrade really killed the motor sound. It was easy to install (Pro ject 1xpression). I recomend you to test it if you have problems with motor hum.

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Very expensive and poor quality
Saturday, 16 November 2013  | 

Would probably not complain about the kit cost if it worked. Am running a Pro-ject Speedbox II and platter with original belt and pulley turns exactly 33 1/3 RPM. Upgrade kit pulley and belt turn platter at just under 30 RPM. Enough said. Will machine my own pulley to obtain proper speed.

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