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T+A P 3000 HV Pre Amplifier
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T+A P 3000 HV Pre AmplifierT+A P 3000 HV Pre AmplifierT+A P 3000 HV Pre Amplifier

T+A P 3000 HV Pre Amplifier

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T+A P 3000 HV Pre Amplifier

The Preamplifier

The P 3000 HV is the audiophile High-End preamplifier of the series, and represents the universal control centre for a High End Stereo system consisting of HV separates. It is equipped with unique, newly developed technologies and innovative circuit designs. Its measured results, specification and sound quality represent the limit of what is physically feasible. The components and materials employed are uniformly of top quality, without any hint of compromise, and the workmanship of the case sets standards which are unmatched even by much more expensive equipment. The P 3000 HV’s uncompromising design is of symmetrical double-mono construction. Both balanced and unbalanced sockets are available as outputs. There are four balanced inputs, input No. 4 can be operated in surround (pass-through) mode in order to use the power amplifier for the front channels of a surround decoder. The analogue and digital mains power supplies are completely separate from each other, and even feature separate mains sockets.HV-Link (HV data bus), LAN socket, trigger input, RC-in for E-2000 and an ground terminal are also present.

We have developed an analogue signal processor module which not only offers tone and loudness functions operating separately for each channel, but also features three narrow-band parametric equalizers which are capable of effectively damping room resonances in the range from 20 Hz to 500 Hz. The net result is that superb sound quality can be obtained even in difficult rooms.

The P 3000 HV is equipped with a high quality headphone amplifier with dual current capability and is supplied complete with the F 3001 infrared remote control unit. Upon request the P 3000 HV can be fitted with High-End phono preamplifiers, which possess different circuit topologies for MM or MC pick-up systems.


In the ingenious overall circuit design of the HV (= High Voltage) series – developed in-house by T+A – all the amplifier stages operate at much higher operating voltages than usual: in the preamplifier the figure is up to 100 Volt, in the power amplifier up to 360 Volt. In a similar manner to valve amplifiers, the actual modulation of all the stages can be kept very low. Only a very small percentage (less than 20%) of the possible excursion of the amplifier transistors is used, thereby virtually eliminating the curvature (non-linearity) of that characteristic. Additional measures for improving the linear nature of the voltage amplifier stages are also employed. In addition to outstanding linearity, the high operating voltages employed offer the advantage of extremely wide dynamic range. We have developed this unique technology for use in all the HV-series machines, since the tremendous sonic improvements which it makes possible can be exploited in the output stages of source devices such as the MP 3000 HV multi-source player as well as in preamplifiers and power amplifiers.

The connector section on the back panel provides impressive evidence of the P 3000 HV’s uncompromising design and symmetrical double-mono construction. The channels are kept consistently separate. The preamplifier circuit boards are of exact identical construction, and are located under the case top cover; this layout eliminates electromagnetic influences. The circuit boards are housed in their own compartment made of thick-walled (10 to 15 mm) aluminium plates, and are completely separated and shielded from the mains unit and power supply in the bottom section of the case. The circuit topology is based on a differential cascode amplifier with hand-selected audio J-FET transistors. All stages are of completely discrete construction with-out op-amps (operational amplifiers). Their linear nature is not derived from “hard” negative feedback, as in the case of standard op-amps, but from the quality of the circuit topology and the components employed, which are carefully selected and adjusted. For this reason virtually no overall negative feedback is required. T+A HV technology enables signals up to 80 Vss to be processed without distortion – a value which is unique for a transistor preamplifier.

Preamplifier stage
  • Frequency response + 0 / – 3 dB 0,5 Hz – 300 kHz
  • Signal / noise ratio 108 / 112 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion < 0,001%
  • Intermodulation < 0,001 %
  • Channel separation > 108 dB
  • Nominal input sensitivity
  • Unbalanced inputs (RCA) 7 x 250 mVeff ... 9 Veff / 20 kOhms
  • Balanced inputs (XLR) 4 x 500 mVeff ... 18 Veff / 5 kOhms
  • Headphones 50 Ohms, high current output
  • 1 x Recorder 250 mVeff / 100 Ohms
  • PRE out RCA Nom 1 Veff, Max 9,5 Veff / 50 Ohms
  • PRE out XLR Nom 1,45 Veff, Max 19,6 Veff / 50 Ohms
  • Reservoir capacity 75000 μF

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