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Mark Levinson No 326S Pre-amplifier
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 Mark Levinson No 326S Pre-amplifierMark Levinson No 326S Pre-amplifier 

Mark Levinson No 326S Pre-amplifier

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Mark Levinson No 326S Pre-amplifier

№ 326S

"Represents the pinnacle of high end in the eyes of audiophiles"


Following in the Mark Levinson tradition, the N°326S exceeds all reasonable expectations for a stereo preamplifier. Its flexible design accommodates a wide range of demands, and shielded audio circuits produce an incomparable sound fit for sophisticated music reproduction systems.

With a single-chassis design, the N°326S achieves separation of audio circuit, control circuit, and power supply sections similar to that of the dual-chassis N°32. The internal structure of the N°326S separates these sections, while a steel shield box protects the power supply and other circuits against electrostatic and magnetic interference. Filtered AC power is routed outside audio circuit sections, providing audio circuits with the quiet, shielded environment essential for superior sound.

Like most high-performance audio components, the N°326S relies on clean, noise-free AC power to deliver maximum performance. Unfortunately, most AC power does not meet these standards. Common household appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, and computers often contaminate AC power lines with line noise, spikes, and other irregularities that make it difficult for audio circuits to perform up to their full potential.

To compensate for this, the N°326S offers a series of highly effective noise suppression and isolation techniques that begin filtering AC power for noise as soon as it enters the chassis. Audio and control circuit sections use independent power supplies, each with its own low-noise toroidal transformer. The audio circuit power transformer includes a Faraday shield between the AC power line and low-voltage secondaries for improved isolation.

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