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AQVOX USB Low-Noise Linear Power Supply Type-B Male to Female
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AQVOX USB Low-Noise Linear Power Supply Type-B Male to Female

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AQVOX USB Low-Noise Linear Power Supply Type-B Male to Female 


Better, cleaner power - super clean stabilized and filtered USB power supply suitable for: All devices running with 5 Volts and up to 1000mA and also many USB DACs, USB to SPDIF converters, USB-AD convertors, USB Micamps, USB Audio Interfaces USB, external hard-drives, CD-drives, USB audio devices, UBS bus powered audio devices, USB audio interfaces iPod iPhone Docking Stations and so on.


The Problem: 

The USB chips of most DACs or the whole DAC or devices that are directly powered with the 5 V of the USB cable from the computer. This is called USB-bus powered. Aside the regular 5 V between 30 mV to 200 mV ripple/noise are transmitted from the computer. The more dirty the voltage is the more imperfect the sound performance. Furthermore, most USB and DAC chips generate the digital clock from that 5 V voltage. However, the more the power supply voltage oszillates or contains noise, the more inexact the generated clock-signal is, resulting in jitter and other sound degrading problems. But clock generation is only one problem. Moreover, the performance of the whole circiutry and chips of the USB device is being affected, thereby downgrading the quality of the output signal significantly.


Another thing is that most USB-ports are limited to 500mV output and other USB-devices connected to the computer or USB-hub are affecting the power-quality. External USB-Harddisks without own powersupply are affecting the computers internal powersupply and all other USB-ports negative.


The Solution:

The powerful transformer (1-Ampere instead of the 0.5-Ampere from most USB-ports), stabilized AQVOX USB Low-Noise linear power supply has average under 0,1mV noise voltage. It is equipped with unique handmade USB adaptors, of which one side is being plugged into the USB socket of the DAC, device or computer and the back side takes the USB cable's plug. Inside that adapter only the two USB data lines and not the powerline are routed through. The 5 V power supply line coming from the computer is terminated and replaced by the clean power of the AQVOX USB-Low-Noise power supply. 


Features & Specifications 

- Power Supply with conventional linear transformer (no switching Power Supply) 
- Stabilized and regulated with very low noise voltage stabilizers
- Filtered with approx. 4700 μF capacity for good power reserves backup
- Foil-Capacitors for transient filtering
- Output Voltage: 5 V and powerful 1 A (0.5 A comes from computer USB-Ports) 
- Input Voltage: AC 140-260 V  
- Ripple and Noise: Average under 0.1mV (battery-notebooks or desktop computers gave 30-150mV Noise in the USB Power) 
- Short-circuit proofed
- DC Cable length: 150cm
- AC Power Cord: 180 cm
- Weight: Approx. 750g 




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