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Pro-Ject Power Box MaiA
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Pro-Ject Power Box MaiAPro-Ject Power Box MaiAPro-Ject Power Box MaiA

Pro-Ject Power Box MaiA

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Project The Power Box MaiA 


The Power Box MaiA is a dedicated upgraded power supply for the MaiA but also caters for a range of Box Design products and Pro-Ject turntables. Not only does the Power Box MaiA help greatly improve the sound quality and sound staging of your connected components but can power your amplifier, streamer, CD player and turntable all at the same time.

The linear power supply consists of a big toroidal transformer with shielding between the primary and secondary winding which acts as an isolation transformer and avoids penetration of interference into amplifier. With its low output impedance and combination of large filtration capability it is the perfect upgrade for your Box Design components.

Advice: To avoid magnetic interference do not stack amplifier and Power Box MaiA.

Key Features:

  • Purest & cleanest power using non-switching power supply
  • 1 MaiA + 3 Box Design components + 1 turntable power output
  • Soft start system avoids current inrush in primary winding
  • Audio type toroidal transformer
  • Main isolating transformer with copper foil shielding
  • Secondary voltage rectification with precise regulation
  • High filtration capacity (10.000 μF)
  • Low ESR capacitors
  • Low noise components with surge protection
  • Compatible with Amp Box S/Mono, Stereo Box S/Phono and MaiA amplifiers
  • Available in silver or black

Technical Data:

Input Voltage:
AC 230V/50Hz IEC C15
Output Voltage:
2x 9V/2A max (1.3mm Connector)
1x 18V/1A max (2.5mm Connector)
1x 20V/3A max (2.1mm Connector)
1x 15V DC Turntable (2.1mm Connector)
(All of Pro-Ject DC Powered Turntables)
Filtration Capacity:
10,000 MicroFarads (for Each Voltage)
Output Voltage Ripple:
< 1mV
203 x 72 x 207mm

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