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Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (Ex Dem)
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Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (Ex Dem)Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (Ex Dem)Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (Ex Dem)

Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (Ex Dem)

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Lindemann Musicbook 500 Power Amplifier (EX DEM)

Excellent condition All Original Packaging

What has been dropped?

Compared to the previous model, a conspicuous detail is the missing USB audio input. We decided to take this step in order to be able to uncompromisingly optimize the Musicbook for streaming. For the music playback via computer the awkward USB cable can meanwhile be omitted without any losses. Well-known playback programs such as Audirvana or J.River Media Center are dom inating the data transfer via DLNA/UPnP. That way the data can be transmitted wireless between notebook and Musicbook via the network. This sounds better and avoids the issue of a data transfer over mostly expensive USB cables. Jitter bugs should therefore be a thing of the past!

What will the future bring?

Certainly even more fun with online streaming. HighRes playback with the Musicbook already sets new standards in the field of digital audio. With Qobuz Sublime+ or HighResAudio there is a portfolio of music in studio master resolution available which leaves nothing to be desired. High-Res streaming therefore sounds better than even the most costly CD players on the market. We say: forget the CD, streaming in High-Res is the future! Nor will you need to rip CDs any longer, for (almost) all this is available in superior quality from streaming services. Here Roon is leading the way: when playing a CD, the system will unnoticedly search at Qobuz for the High-Res version of this track and offer it. This is how music listening goes today.
In order to help the customer to keep up in this fast developing market, we have opted for a streaming platform which is powerful enough for all new features. We call it Streaming 4.0. We have been working on this platform for two years and defined ambitious goals for us. A wealth of features and at the same time an absolutely audiophile sound experience make the Musicbook a pioneer in terms of audiophile streaming. Very important: by web updates the customers can keep their Musicbooks continuously up to date.



  • Housing milled from a solid aluminum block
  • Stereo operation or (vertical) bi-amping with separate bass level control: the troubleshooter for speaker placement problems.
  • N-Core technology: world class both metrologically and soundwise, highly musical reproduction reminiscent of tubes.
  • Two power classes: 2 x 250 W @ 4 ohms (Power 500) or 2 X 500 W @ 4 ohms (Power 1000).
  • Absolutely safe operation and load stable down to 2.5 ohms impedance.

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