Phasemation MA-1500 Monaural Power Amplifiers (Pair)
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Phasemation MA-1500 Monaural Power Amplifiers (Pair)

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Phasemation MA-1500 Monaural Power Amplifiers (Pair)

300B Single-Ended Tube Monaural Power Amplifier which can educe the music reality and even the artist's passion.
In the world of audio amplifiers, wide kinds of semiconductor amplifiers, tube amplifiers, etc. are released. Therefore, the respective audio features can be enjoyed as a hobby.
Especially the tube power amplifiers has a tube called "fine tube" having a reputation for sound quality and last year we have developed the monaural power amplifier, MA-2000 composed by a parallel single-ended circuit adopting 300B which is the best tube among them and a circuit strongly driven by a transformer-coupled circuit adopting 2A3."
This year to tell many people the significance of MA-2000, we developed a new monaural power amplifier MA-1500 which has a plentiful 10W output along with an operation due to the transformer-coupled circuit which is single-operating with a 300B single tube.
Product 300B Single-Ended Monaural Power Amplifier
Input impedance 47k ohms
Gain 26dB
Residual noise 200µV or less : A-NET
Rated output 10W or more (THD:5%)
Frequency characteristics 10 - 40kHz (+0,-3dB)
Output impedance 4 ohms, 8 ohms
Power consumption 100W (100VAC 50~60Hz)
External dimensions (mm) 245 (W)×226(H)×427(D)
Weight 16kg
Accessories AC power cable

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