Esoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo Power Amplifier
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 Esoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo Power AmplifierEsoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo Power Amplifier 

Esoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo Power Amplifier

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Esoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo Power Amplifier

With the flagship Grandioso amplifier models, Esoteric is breaking new horizons by pushing the limits of fidelity in preamp-to-amplifier signal transmission. Esoteric’s unique current transmission system “ES-Link Analog” is the ideal method for preamp to amplifier transmission where the signal level is extremely low. Compared to the conventional voltage transmission, it transmits approximately 100 times more current, making it less susceptible to noise and sending the full energy of the music to the amplifier.
Also, it is not affected by the impedance of the interconnects running between the preamp and amplifier, so it maintains a perfect integrity between the output signal of the preamp and the input signal to the amplifier.
Over-Sized Bare-Mount Power Transformers
The S1X employs the largest toroidal transformers that the S1X chassis can accommodate. The transformers performance, with a much larger size than the size required for actual use, allows for extremely high follow-through to dynamic changes in current supply, resulting in a dynamic and open sound. Also, suppressing transformer vibration results in limiting current flow. For this reason, the S1X dares to employ a bare mounting with the transformer’s metal cover removed.
Power Transformer Dedicated to the Pre-Drive Stages
The S1X’s high resolution sound is also a major feature, allowing the delicate tones of each instrument to be heard clearly, even at the climax of a full orchestra performance. A power supply section dedicated to the pre-drive stage (voltage amplification stage), which handles low-level signals from the preamplifier, eliminates the influence of the main drive stage, which has large current fluctuations, and improves resolution.
In addition to the two power transformers for the main drive and pre-drive stages, an R-core power transformer for control is installed in a three-transformer configuration to create a pure power supply with thoroughly low noise.
Rated Output 50W + 50W (8Ω Class-A)
100W + 100W (4Ω)
Compatible Speaker Impedance 4Ω to 16Ω
Analog Audio Inputs  
ES-Link Analog × 1 pair
XLR × 1 pair
RCA × 1 pair
  AC 120V, 60Hz
  AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 310W (270W at no signal)
Overall Dimensions (W×H×D) 491 × 221 × 536mm (including protrusion)
Weight 48kg
Included Accessories Power cord × 1
Delt pad × 4
Owner's manual × 1


Audio performance

Freqeuncy Response 5Hz to 100kHz (+0dB, –3dB, 8Ω)
S/N Ratio 109dB (IHF-A, XLR)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.006% (1kHz, 8Ω, 50W)
Gain 28.5dB (XLR)
34.5dB (RCA)

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