Trichord Dino+ Power Supply
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Trichord Dino+ Power Supply

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Trichord Dino+ Power Supply Upgrade 

  • Please Note: This product can only be used with Trichord's Phono Stages.

The Dino + Power Supply unit comprises of two completely independent and isolated DC supply circuits; One for the positive voltage rail and one for the negative. The specially made low noise audio 80VA toroidal transformer is followed by two bridge rectifiers built with ultra fast soft recovery diodes for low RF genration. The bridges are followed by RC/RC filtering comprising of 4 x 1800uF capacitors before conventional 3 pin voltage regulators. This level of filtering and regulation provides very low noise power supply lines before entering the main amplifier unit.

Power is delivered to to the main unit via a 4 way PTFE insulated silver plated copper lead.

The power supply to the Dino phono amplifier is further regulated by two on board ultra low noise wide bandwidth voltage regulation circuits - one positive and one negative rail. These rails are shared by both channels.


  • Output Voltage: -0V - +22Vdc, 0V - -22Vdc
  • Output Current: +/- 0.75 Amps DC
  • Mains Input Lead: 3 PIN IEC Moulded, Socket on Rear of PSU.
  • Mains Input Voltage: 230Vac (110Vac USA and Japan)
  • Dimensions: 117 x 190 x 55mm (W x D x H)
  • Materials Used: Acrylic Casework with Steel Baseplate.

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