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Trichord Diablo Phono Stage
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Trichord Diablo Phono Stage

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Trichord Diablo Phono Stage 

Now available with black or silver front.

Please Note: Images are for illustration purpose only. You will ONLY receive the Diablo Phono Stage. 


The Diablo is a high performance, audiophile grade phono amplifier, designed for ultimate transparency and realism. It will maximise the performance of a wide range of phono cartridges from ultra-low output Moving Coils to high output Moving Magnet types. 



The Diablo is user adjustable with a set of four DIP switches on the underside of the unit. These switches allow for adjustment of cartridge loading and gain setting.

The circuitry is signal non-inverting and constructed using high performance, audio grade bipolar and JFET operational amplifiers from Analog Devices and Linear Technology. Metal oxide resistors and ultra low impedance capacitors throughout for lowest possible noise.

The RIAA equalisation network is part passive and part active. The capacitors and resistors used in this stage are very close tolerance audiophile types.

Four 'State of the Art' ultra low impedance, low noise wide-band voltage regulator circuits are employed to power both channels and are largely responsible for the high sonic performance of the Diablo.

The non-ferrous cabinetry is made of aluminium, a design that reduces Eddy current propagation that can affect sound reproduction dramatically.



- Cartridge Loading Resistance: 33 ohms, 100 ohms, 1k ohms, 47k ohms
- Cartridge Loading Capacitance: MC 1.1nF, MM 100pF
- Switch Selectable Gain:
MC - Very Low Output - 0.1 - 0.25mV 74dB
MC - Low Output - 0.25 - 0.4mV 70dB
MC - Normal Output - 0.4 - 0.6mV 63dB
MM - Low Output - 2 - 3mV 52dB
MM - High Output - 3 - 5mV 48dB
- RIAA Reproduction Characteristics: 20Hz - 20KHz, +/- 0.25dB
- Dimensions: 185 x 58 x 112 (mm) (D x H x W) 



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