Tellurium Q Iridium Moving Coil - Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

Tellurium Q Iridium Moving Coil - Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

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Tellurium Q Iridium MM/MC Phono Pre Amp

“Startlingly good phono amp that provides the best of both solid state and Valve technology. A market leader in its price point, the Iridium will provide stiff competition for solid state phono amps  far higher up the price ladder”

HiFi World 2012



Iridium series Phonostage

Moving coil and moving magnet

Separate moving coil stage buffered and with gain to reduce noise

Moving Magnet stage:

To within +/- 0.5dB of the standard R.I.A. A. Being more accurate than would be expected

Two sets of output Volume controlled and a non volume controlled buffer stage out designed to run into other preamp stages giving preamps a phonostage capability.

Controlled volume output stage:

Special feedback compensation circuit to get better performance from those not fortunate enough to own Tellurium Q cables (not a joke).

Regulated power supply using  hum / ripple rejection technology.

30VA torroidal transformer with huge reservoir capacitors and filtered mains input to reduce mains bourn interference.

MM Input:

Input sensitivity  2.5mV

Input Impedance: 47K Ohms

Capacitance input load 100pF

Buffer Gain: 46dB

Vol Gain: 0dB to 53dB

MC Input

Input sensitivity  0.25mV

Input Impedance: 100 Ohms

Pick up range: 5 -100 Ohms

Capacitance input load 1000pF

Buffer Gain: 66dB

Vol Gain: 0dB to 73dB

Total Output Specification:

Frequency response: 1Hz to 100KHz

Separation 80dB

Noise MM: 0.5uV

Noise MC: 0.34uV

Distortion: 0.003%

Overload:  14.6V out with MM @70mV

Overload:  14.6V out with MC @7mV

Power supply

30VA toroidal

Capacity 2 X4700uF

2 Regulated PSU with ripple rejection tech

Mains fuse 3A

Two PSU fuses 2A

Power consumption running: less than 10W  (9.6W approx)

Physical specifications:

Size: 170mm X 185mm X 55mm

Weight: 1.3kg



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