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Pro-ject Power Box RS Phono (Upgrade Power Supply)
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Pro-ject Power Box RS Phono (Upgrade Power Supply)

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Pro-ject Power Box RS Phono (Upgrade Power Supply)

Power Box RS Phono: Reach the ultimate level in phono sound!  

We at Pro-Ject Audio Systems strongly believe that a power supply is a very important part of the audio path and significantly contributes to the sonic quality of an audio product. In order to offer a maximum in sound quality and optimum isolation of the phono preamplifier from mains interferences, we designed the Power Box RS Phono with battery power output. Pure and clean energy is very important everywhere where low level signals are amplified. A turntable cartridge deliveres the lowest signal level from all the known sources of audio signal. Typical level of a low output MC cartridge is about 0.2mV = 0.0002V. Such low level signal is very vulnerable against all kinds of interferences and noise.  

How it works?  

When Power Box RS Phono is connected to Phono Box RS and switched ON, only the accus are connected (adapter and charger are physically disconnected) so Phono Box RS is completely isolated from mains interferences. When accu voltage decreases and reaches certain limits, further playback will be a danger for status of the battery, the charger is automatically connected. This status is indicated by LED on the front panel. Everything continues without any limitation and playback is possible, but the advantage of completely isolating for the charging period is lost. Even if the biggest advantage is temporarily not available, the battery now works as very big filtration bank and the sound is still far better than in case of using the standard power adapter. When accu is fully charged, the charger is disconnected and again Power Box RS Phono powers Phono Box RS only from accu packs.  


  • Replaces original “switching” power supplies
  • Almost double amplifier power output combined with Amp Box RS, Amp Box DS & Stereo Box RS (2x 200/120 watts 4/8 ohms)
  • Significant sound improvement with better dynamic and bass response, improved soundstage
  • Compatible with Amp Box RS, Amp Box RS Mono, Stereo Box RS but also with Amp Box DS or Amp Box DS Mono
  • Big toroidal transformer with copper shielding  
  • Very low output impedance
  • Filtration capability 40.000 uF capacitors low ESR types

Technical Data:

Input Voltage: AC 230V/50Hz IEC C15
Output Voltage: 2 x 48V / 2.5A DC
Filtration Capacity: 40,000 MicroFarads
Output Voltage Ripple: 7mV
Power Consumption: 600W (Max)
Dimensions W x H x D: 206 x 72 x 200mm
Weight:  4.8kg 
Average Rating (7 Reviews):  
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Quality upgrade
Tuesday, 7 July 2020  | 

The pro ject RS power supply is a definite audible improvement on the overall performance of your turntable when used with the pro ject RS phono pre amplifier
It completes the synergy of the turntable,pre amp
By lifting the pre amps power supply and as a result,
Gains that much more clean frequency and sound quality
I highly recommended it

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attack and decay
Thursday, 15 June 2017  | 

international order received very swiftly. AS answered all questions and were obliging, very happy with the service, shipping and product (which is unavailable in my country).
First impressions are as others. With less background noise i noted a slight rise in surface noise but a bigger rise in attack and decay. Great, time to clean some records.

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a nice upgrade for Phono Box RS
Wednesday, 19 April 2017  | 

I ordered this from AS as it is not available in my country, and as usual it arrived swiftly. The power box makes an already quiet phono stage even quieter. I notice the music is coming from a blacker background. I recommend this upgrade if you already own the Phono Box RS.

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Pro-Ject RS Phono Power Box
Tuesday, 26 April 2016  | 

This order was received as described and in a very expeditious manner having been sent by FedEx to the US. Will definitely do further business again.
Thank you,

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Pro-ject Power Box RS Phono (Upgrade Power Supply)
Monday, 22 February 2016  | 

I honestly didn't realise how much of an improvement the power supply made (I changed more than it alone at the time - also adding Box RS power supplies to my other RS boxes) until I had to revert to using the wall wart for short time. Reverting to the original power supply made the whole sound suddenly loose it's sparkle and imaging. Quite a revelation.

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Huge Difference!
Monday, 15 June 2015  | 

I bought the Amp box, Uni 4 way & Phono power box upgrades for my Pro-ject RS LIne kit.

There was an immediate change to the Sound Stage being presented in all areas. The sonic ceiling was lift and the floor dropped. The stage was bigger more defined and better placed in "space". Particularly the phono front end.

Would recommend this as great upgrade if you have this kit.

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2nd time lucky
Thursday, 4 September 2014  | 

I think I have been a very early buyer of the Power Box Phono to go with my Box RS Phono Stage. The first sample lasted literally 15 mins then expired! A quick call to analogue Seduction and a new one was dispatched that day and arrived the following day - superb service! Put simply, this battery power supply makes everything that is good about the Box RS Phono better, better clarity and purity. It is basically a rechargeable battery supply, swiftly removing any mains hash from the very sensitive moving coil signal. It lasts 4 hours on battery backup, then switches seamlessly back to up an rated and filtered mains, taking around 4 hours to recharge. The sound is excellent, let's hope the reliability was only a hick up, but I cannot fault AS's response!

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