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Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phonostage - Black - Ex Display
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 Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phonostage - Black - Ex DisplayMusical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phonostage - Black - Ex Display 

Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phonostage - Black - Ex Display

The Nu-Vista Vinyl is a reference level phono stage using Nuvista tubes.

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Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phonostage - Black - Ex Display

As new perfect condition, fully boxed with all manual.

Nuvistor Tubes, Epic Cartridge Loading Ability, Separate Power-Supply Units for Each Channel: Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Cannot Ever Be Overloaded

Musical Fidelity's Nu-Vista Vinyl is both a culmination of the company's love for valves and its desire to build an MM/MC phono preamplifier its engineers have always dreamed of designing. Consider: Nuvistor tubes. Endless cartridge loading ability. Separate, fully balanced power-supply units for each channel and stage. Inaudible noise. Bulletproof build extending to a mil-spec aluminum billet front panel, custom-made low-inclusion extrusion side panels, and mil-spec aluminum buttons.

If you like what you're hearing about Nu-Vista Vinyl, wait until you hear the sound of your LPs with this reference component, whose inputs and outputs cannot ever be overloaded. Yes, it's that epic. Nu-Vista Vinyl boasts five inputs, each of which can be set independently for either MM/MC and exact loading. And yes, it will remember those settings just as you remember its involving, immersive, and immediate performance with your favourite records.

It has 5 inputs, each can be separately configured for MC/MM with adjustable impedance and capacitence. It then remembers each setting.

It has vanishingly low distortion, almost perfect RIAA correction (up to 60kHz), completely quiet (no audible background noise), fabulous stereo separation, and huge overload margin. A technical bench mark.

And then there are the Nuvistor’s which impart that magical glow to the sound, without colouration.

You hear the music as never before.

 The heroic build quality and design simply reflects the internal perfection.

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