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Music First Audio Classic MM Phono Amplifier 632 (Pre owned)
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Music First Audio Classic MM Phono Amplifier 632 (Pre owned)

The very essence of true vinyl record fidelity is preserved with this dual mono phono amplifier

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Music First Audio Classic MM Phono Amplifier 632 Pre owned

In beautiful condition. Complete with Power supply and flight case. Can be shipped.

Using a pair of mu-metal cored output transformers to give both RCA and XLR outputs. The transformers with a 3:2 step down ratio enable the output to drive longer cable than a conventional phono amp. The use of high quality components throughout give a magnificent performance.

Technical description:
Two identical boards each with it’s own power supply and amplification circuitry making the amplifier a true ‘Dual Mono’ unit.
An external power supply provides a +/- 18V AC voltage. There is a bridge rectifier comprising of 4 discrete ultra fast soft recovery diodes, a bank of audiophile quality Elna Silmic electrolytic capacitors and two high performance low noise voltage regulator circuits.

The main amplifier circuits comprise two active gain stages with passive RIAA equalisation. Each amplifier stage is biased into ‘class A’ with the use of constant current diodes. Mundorf ‘M-Cap Supreme’ capacitors and low noise metal film resistors are used as the main elements in the RIAA stage. High quality Polyproylene decoupling capacitors are use throughout.
The output transformers are each driven by a THAT1646 balanced line driver. Radio frequency noise is minimised by a filter between the THAT chips and the transformers.

Designed, and manufactured in the UK, from a company with a family phonograph heritage going back to 1949.

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