Leema Acoustics Agena Reference MM/MC Phono Stage

Leema Acoustics Agena Reference MM/MC Phono Stage

The reference RIAA phono stage for high-end turntable enthusiasts.

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Leema Acoustics Agena Reference MM/MC Phono Stage

Available in Black or Silver

Agena truly is a state-of-the-art phono stage. Any magnetic phono cartridge can be electrically set up and matched perfectly, ensuring that it will work at its best to extract the maximum level of information from vinyl records and present it with a transfixing musicality.

The Leema Acoustics Agena is a reference quality phono stage with enormous flexibility. It has two inputs, one of which can be balanced XLR (for the small number of cartridges with balanced outputs), and both of which can be configured for two separate cartridges (very handy for tonearms with detachable headshells). Gain, load (critical for moving coils), and capacitance (useful for moving magnets) can all be adjusted in a series of steps.

Both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs are included, plus a separate set of RCA outputs for record monitoring. And there's even a USB output for transferring your vinyl collection to your computer


The fully adjustable inputs, each with two separate head-shell / arm settings allow precise matching for up to six phono cartridges, with each being selectable at the touch of a button.  In addition to the single-ended RCA and fully balanced XLR analogue outputs, a reference quality analogue to digital converter feeds USB and SPDIF digital outputs allowing broadcast quality archiving to computer hard-drives or other digital media.  Real time record monitoring is possible via the USB digital input.

User features include mono, mute, adjustable high and low frequency filters, and a sleep mode, which turns off all processing and display circuitry to ensure the very best fidelity whilst listening.



Agena features      
Two single-ended inputs     
Optional balanced input
Configurable for both MM and MC cartridges
Two head-shell settings for each input
RCA phono and balanced XLR analogue outputs     
Analogue-to-digital converter
USB digital input / output      
SPDIF digital output
Mono button
Mute button
Separate adjustable, high and low frequency filters
Sleep mode turns off display and processor while listening to ensure maximum fidelity


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