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Anatek Research MC-1 Phono Stage
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Anatek Research MC-1 Phono Stage

Hi-Fi World magazine's 'Product of the Year' award.

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Anatek Research MC-1 Phono Stage

The Anatek MC1 phono-stage is a two box unit thats  been a real 'ear opener' for us and for the hi-fi press as well, winning Hi-Fi World magazine's 'Product of the Year' award.
The MC1 is a solid state phono stage with 67dB gain, 100ohms input impedance, making it emminently suitable for most moving coil cartridges including low output types.

The Anatek phono-stage employs an all discreet circuit operating in Class A with no feedback in the audio path. RIAA is passive, utilising current drive rather than the more typical voltage drive.

The MC1 is not only one of the very quietest Moving Coil stages around, it is also one of the most dynamic and exciting phono stages we've heard. Its a very quick and nimble sounding unit, with deep articulate bass. A big, open 3-d soundstage makes this often overlooked unit a favourite with everyone who has been lucky enough to hear it. Should be on your shortlist for any analogue based system.

Outstandingly natural music reproduction of true high-end quality yet at a remarkably 'affordable' price.

Available to purchase now . Home demonstrations also available or call us to book an audition

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