Blue Horizon Profono MM/MC Phonostage
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Blue Horizon Profono MM/MC Phonostage

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Blue Horizon Profono MM/MC Phonostage

Profono is a discrete high quality analogue turntable cartridge amplifier which is installed before your pre-amp or integrated if you do not have a built in phono stage, or if the phono stage is of low quality. For improved sound, dynamics and a greater detailed performance connect your tone arm cable directly to Profono, and then connect to the auxiliary of your pre-amp or integrated amp using RCA inter connecting cables.

  • Fully adjustable/customised cartridge loading system
  • Moving coil low, high settings and moving magnet
  • Multi functional earth connection point
  • Solid RFI resistant case, 170 x 80 x 50mm (L x W x H)
  • Optional high quality power supply for upgrading later

Gain MM Vu 41 dB
  MC (low) Vu 50 dB
  MC (high) Vu 61 dB
Input resistance R in default value, 47KOhm (socket open)
  Values can be set exactly with shunt resistors
  Connected resistors to impedance sockets
Input capacitance 47pF
Power supply AC min 15VAC/250mA, max 10VAC
External dimensions 170 x 70 x 110 (W x H x D)

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