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Huey and the New Yorkers - Say It To My Face Vinyl LP
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Huey and the New Yorkers - Say It To My Face Vinyl LP

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Huey and the New Yorkers - Say It To My Face Vinyl LP 

Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman, songwriter, broadcaster and actor Huey Morgan will release his eagerly awaited debut solo album Say It To My Face on the Naim Edge Records on 29th October 2012.

Morgan is a rock 'n' roll Renaissance Man, the half Puerto Rican / Irish ex-Marine who, since moving to London in the mid-2000s, has become a charismatic presence across the UK's cultural spectrum - one of Britain's' best loved radio DJs (on both BBC 6 Music and the mighty Radio 2), winner of a Sony Radio Award too and already multi-million selling as part of the legendary - Fun Lovin' Criminals, a unique ground breaking rock and soul band that found influences in hip hop, swing, blues and funk. Huey Morgan, force of nature, a man with a paid-for Scottish Lordship (possibly fake), is a long way, now, from the Ladies Man who twinkled his wise-guy way through his incorrigibly Fun Lovin' 90s.

Say It To My Face is drenched with the same omnipresent effortless cool of Morgan's famous gritty vocal style and deft blues licks. Morgan abundantly explores the roots and soul influences on his solo material that he's become celebrated for sharing on his BBC Radio show.


Track Listings

1. Stick It To The Man

2. Dirty Bird

3. Let My People Go

4. Shaniqua

5. The Ripple

6. The Way It Was Before

7. Its Alright

8. Fall Into Me

9. New York Bluez

10. She Gone

11. Christmas By The Side Of The Road

12. The White Guard 


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