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Nagaoka AM-804 Tape Head / Capstan Cleaner
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Nagaoka AM-804 Tape Head / Capstan Cleaner

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Nagaoka AM-804 Tape Head / Capstan Cleaner

One bottle is a rubber cleaner/preservative agent.The other is a head cleaner agent.

Can be used for any type of audio tape machine by qualified personnel. 

Suitable for the cleaning of cassette decks and cassette recorders, reel to reel tape recorders, mini cassette tape recording and play-back devises.

Contains 1 x 20ml bottle of head cleaner, 1 x 20ml bottle of rubber cleaner, and 10 x cleaning swabs.

Important do not use on video recorders.

"Dirty tape heads can cause poor sound recording and reproduction.  And dirty pinch rollers and capstans can result in uneven tape speeds and broken tapes.  However, clean heads and clean tape paths allow you to expect the widest range of sounds without loss from your tape deck.  Clean heads also extend the lives of both the heads and the tape. ... KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.  Contents 14ml per bottle. "

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