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Primare 4KVM Video Module
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Primare 4KVM Video Module

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Manufacturer:  Primare
Component Type:  Blu-ray Player

Primare 4KVM Video Module

The Primare 4KVM video module brings the expansive world of 4K UHD video to our award-winning multi-channel preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers. 4KVM is designed to deliver the performance benefits of 4K sources and display devices by providing HDCP 2.2 and 4K UHD pass-through matrix switching of six HDMI inputs and two ARC HDMI outputs.

As a result of Primare’s practical design approach, and with the understanding that video signal processing is available and best done either at the source or display device, it was determined to design the 4KVM as a pure matrix switcher, stripped to its essential elements. In this way, the shortest signal path was realized, allowing for no alteration of the video signal, with resolution up to 4K@50/60 (2160p), from any of the six sources that can be assigned to one or both of the two outputs. Additionally, ARC (audio return channel) is assignable to either of the outputs, to better accommodate display devices with streaming services, including those providing 4K UHD output.

Available in all new SPA23 and SP33 models, and, as an example of Primare’s commitment to long product life, 4KVM is designed so that any existing SPA22, SPA23, SP32, and SP33 can be updated to 4K UHD video specifications, provided that an HDaudio board is also installed. It is notable that with this modular update, the video performance of models introduced over 8 years ago can be brought up to current 4K UHD video specifications.

Pair any 4KVM enabled product with our award-winning BD32 MKII 4K upsampling universal disc player and streamer for a level of video performance that will provide a truly eye-opening experience.

Please note: the 4KVM video module was developed primarily to partner our upscaling to 4K universal disc player BD32 MKII. The 4KVM design was initiated before the release of HDMI 2.0a specifications. Those specifications demand a higher clock speed necessary for HDR switching than the chip in the 4KVM is able to provide. As a result, 4KVM will work with most, if not all, sources that allow for turning HDR off and with only minor limitations on playback specifications as seen below:

- 24Hz 4:4:4 4096 x 2160 DCI 
- 24/25/30Hz 4:4:4 3840 x 2160 4K UHD 
- 50/60Hz 4:2:0 3840 x 2160 4K UHD

If HDR is a system necessity, or for best possible video performance, we recommend a dual connection scheme for the 4K UHD HDR source: HDMI 1 video output connected to the display; HDMI 2 audio output connected to the processor.

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