Paradigm Premier 700F Loudspeakers
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Paradigm Premier 700F LoudspeakersParadigm Premier 700F LoudspeakersParadigm Premier 700F Loudspeakers

Paradigm Premier 700F Loudspeakers

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Paradigm Premier 700F Loudspeakers

Performance & Value
To produce a loudspeaker that meets our standards for performance and value, we took complete control of the manufacturing process, an unprecedented move at this price point. In our state-of-the-art North American facility, we have produced a loudspeaker that defies convention; a homegrown loudspeaker that benefits from innovations found throughout the Paradigm family of loudspeakers.
Patented Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter and Midrange Lens Technology
Distinctive perforated lens in front of the tweeter and midrange drivers increase and smooth output without coloring the sound, while also protecting the drivers from getting damaged.
Patented Active Ridge Technology (ART™) Surrounds
Premier features Paradigm’s patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds, made in-house and overmolded directly onto each woofer and midrange cone. This design achieves greater excursion, for a 3dB gain in output and 50% reduction in distortion. Crafted from injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer, ART surrounds are more durable and more reliable, ensuring a lifetime of superior sound.
Crafted in Canada
Premier Series speakers are designed, engineered, and made in Paradigm’s state-of-the-art 225,000 ft2 Canadian facility. We chose heavy duty, non-resonant 3/4-inch MDF, with optimally placed interior bracing, and reinforced front baffles to ensure an audio performance beyond any other in this price range. Smooth front baffles, enhanced with 1-inch MDF, reduce diffraction and improve sound radiation characteristics. You can feel the Premier build quality that comes from true handcrafted manufacturing. Beautiful, furniture-grade finishes complete this new standard of performance and value.
Partnered with the NRC
Paradigm is partnered with Canada’s world-renowned NRC in ongoing research to reveal the true nature of sound and human hearing. Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science.
Premier 800F 4-driver, 3-way bass reflex, floorstanding ±3dB from 43 Hz - 25 kHz 27 Hz (DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
Premier 600C 6-driver, 3-way passive radiator bass reflex center channel ±3dB from 60 Hz - 25 kHz 40 Hz (DIN) 94 dB / 91 dB
Premier 500C 4-driver, 3-way acoustic suspension center channel ±3dB from 73 Hz - 25 kHz 47 Hz (DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
Premier 700F 4-driver, 3-way bass reflex, floorstanding ±3dB from 45 Hz - 25 kHz 33 Hz (DIN) 91 dB / 88 dB
Premier 200B 2-driver, 2-way bass reflex bookshelf ±3dB from 55 Hz – 25 kHz 45 Hz (DIN) 90 dB / 87 dB
Premier 100B 2-driver, 2-way bass reflex bookshelf ±3dB from 68 Hz - 25 kHz 50 Hz (DIN) 90 dB / 87 dB

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