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Merlin Cables Scorpion FE Mains Cable
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Merlin Cables Scorpion FE Mains Cable

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Merlin Cables Scorpion FE Mains Cable

By reducing the noise floor even further the Scorpion mains cable adds to the already extraordinary clarity, drama and timing experience delivered from the fantastic Funnel-web. Customers have commented that the Scorpion adds more control, poise, definition and a far sweeter top end along with delivering every aspect of its performance in a more balanced and refined way.

The Funnel Web FE increases further on Merlins interference rejection principles and includes a ferrite filter on the cable.  This non intrusive technique helps to further reduce RF and EM interference being picked up and transferred by your cables.

The New Scorpion mains cable utilises 36 x Inert Resin Coated Hybrid Core Technology high purity oxygen free copper conductors (for live and neutral only) with a 2 separate 1sqmm stranded earths. The inert resin coating drastically minimises the skin effect problem of most dialectrics and provides the highest quality signal integrity. We then use a Low Density Polyethylene dielectric to make the lowest resistance possible. 

The individually coated and insulated conductors are then arranged in twin opposing helical spirals to drastically reduce RF (radio frequency) and EM (electro magnetic) interference which along with our thick copper foil screening helps to stop any unwanted interference getting into the cable.

All our customers who have try them on AV systems say  the New Scorpion really brings colours to life when attached to any visual products with greater contrast and crisper on screen text, the colour balance appears to be very natural and blacks very deep. 
The Scorpion mains cable is terminated as standard with a Furutech 1363  UK Plug . You then have the choice between a Rhodium/ Platinum plated copper 10amp IEC or a 16amp High Current IEC. We are also now able to fit the Furutech 2 pin figure 8 plug for increased compatibility.



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