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Merlin Cables Funnel Web Mains Block
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Merlin Cables Funnel Web Mains Block

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Merlin Cables Funnel Web 6 Way Mains Block

This block is available with either UK, Schuko or US outlet sockets.

The Funnel Web  parallel 6 way mains block is the first in our range wired with are award winning HCT, IRC hybrid cores featured in our Funnel Web, Scorpion and Dragon mains cables. 

We take a  premium aluminium extruded mains block and wire it internally with the amazing HCT Funnel Web cores in a star configuration. This offers a mayor advantage over a series configuration, no voltage drops on any of the outlets and even distribution of power. Each socket is individually filtered to stop cross contamination of components with RFI and EMI, ensuring cleaner power to each device. The block is fitted with a 10 amp IEC inlet allowing you to choose the specification of inlet cable to suit your requirements.

Here are some details on the cable we use for the internal wiring:-

The Funnel Web is constructed using 8 HCT twisted high purity oxygen free copper conductors to each socket  to low resistance and give greater current handing. The conductors are coated with our Inert resin Coating IRC to stop skin effect problems and are then coated with  an extremely high grade LDPE which has a much better dielectric constant than the regular PVC used in on most mains cables.  
The radiated and transmitted RF and Em Interference channelled into the equipment by regular mains cables tends to manifest itself as distortion of image or picture on AV equipment or loss of focus on audio so it is essential as much is removed as possible and at the same time lower the resistance of the circuit to increase dynamics. What makes Tarantula SE different to a standard model is the inclusion of our highest grade passive filters which drastically reduce interference that screening alone cannot remove and also minimising the leaked interference from your component power supply. It is designed to bring extended dynamics and vibrancy to all components as well as improved clarity to both sound and images.

You can fit an optional DC filter to remove unwanted DC from the AC line, giving improved performance and allowing your equipment to perform as it was designed to do without the parasitic effects of rouge DC on your AC supply.

No inlet cable supplied as standard
This block is available with either UK, Schuko or US outlet sockets.



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