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Merlin Cables Dragon Mains Cable
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Merlin Cables Dragon Mains Cable

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Merlin Cables Dragon Mains Cable

The Dragon mains cable is an experience in itself! On listening tests we have found that The Dragon adds massive improvement in complete power and authority, increased natural detail, increased stability to the already impressive sound stage and the real character of all Dragon products which is a simply sublime bass response  to the already extraordinary clarity and timing experienced with the Funnel Web and the sweet top end and balanced enhancements added by the Scorpion.  The Dragon Mains Cable is our Signature Product!!

Even though the Dragon is the most expensive cable we produce it actually has the highest customer return percentage, nearly all customers return for a 2nd or 3rd cable after auditioning one! The Dragon can easily stand along side all the most expensive mains cables on the market performing way above its price point!

 Our customers have told us they find the most significant improvements in detail from the Source components being equipped with Dragon, this brings class and stability, where as connecting one to any form of integrated/power amplifier adds incredible control, power and depth.

They have also told us that like all our other cables it also brings colours to life when attached to any visual products but the addition of the Enhanced SIX NAS treatments ( the Dragon SE) removes even more unwanted noises. 

Utilising an incredible 54 x Inert Resin Conductors of Hybrid Core Technology high purity oxygen free copper conductors (for live and neutral only giving a cross sectional area of over 6.5mm) with a 3sqmm heavy duty stranded separate earth line. The inert resin coating dramatically minimising the skin effect problem of most dialectrics and provides the highest quality signal integrity.

The individually coated and insulated conductors are then arranged in twin opposing helical spirals to drastically reduce Radio Frequency and Electro Magnetic interferences which along with our thick copper foil screening helps to stop any unwanted interference getting into the cable.

The Dragon Mains Cables is now being terminated without compromise to achieve the very best connection available completely in keeping with the products performance!

We now use a Furutech  Fi1363 UK Plug and the a luxury Rhodium plated Copper 10amp IEC as Standard. Furutech Fi52 16/20Amp High Current IEC Plug available as well as an option.



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