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Marigo Labs Aida CD Mat
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Marigo Labs Aida CD Mat

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Considered a "necessity"... not just an accessory!!!

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Marigo Labs Aida CD Mat

The Marigo Audio Aida CD-Mat replaces Marigo's earlier version Clear Transformation CD Mat.

After a first listen we are very excited and like to congratulate Ron Hedrich to another wonderful improvement over the predecessor CD-Mats. This is, without a doubt, the best CD-mat Marigo has to offer yet. 

The Aida Mat incorporates unique hand laid-up polarizing filaments creating tremendously rapid vibrational energy decay and a new optically clear coating which dissipates static build-up in real time– while the disc is spinning.

For maximum fidelity, a subtle but audible further sonic enhancement is achieved by orienting the Aida Mat in relation to the direction of the label on the recorded disc being played.

Yes that is unusual. Here are details on how this new aspect incorporated in the Aida Mat works:
The vibrational patterns on the top surface of the disc that build up during play are changed from a random to a polarized orientation by the effect of the linear geometry on the disc label. The additional sonic improvements from accurate orientation of the Mat is directly caused by the highly efficient vibrational energy conversion to heat by the internal filaments in the Mat crossing perpendicular to those micro-vibrational patterns set up on the disc. This concept and also the needed alignment procedure is a new experience. Marigo Audio created it. It is easy for all to test the efficacy of this process simply by listening to the Aida Mat aligned or not aligned, using any production recorded digital disc. Hear what truly minimizing disc vibration can do for the music. Additionally, the new Aida Mat is half the thickness of the considerably earlier generation 3-D Signature v2 Mat. Our new materials technology and additional design advancements offer significantly upgraded performance over the previous Evolution and Ultima Signature Mats.

The Aida Mat improvements are clearly audible.
The Aida Mat has improved bass articulation, slam and extension.
The Aida Mat has improved coherence, pace, rhythm and timing.
The Aida Mat has increased ambience and low level detail retrieval.
The Aida Mat has improved high frequency linearity.
The Aida Mat has more holographic imaging.
The Aida Mat is remarkably thin at only 20% the thickness of a CD, yet remains dimensionally stable, and flat within one thousandth of an inch.
The Aida Mat has improved proprietary coatings for superior static draining and EMI isolation.

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Friday, 24 April 2020  | 

I totally agree with other reviews on this very site. The Marigo Audio Lab Aida mat is an exceptional accessory. I've been using their mats since the early green & black, then green & gold stabilizers. The next ones, the Ultima and the Clear Transformation, brought very noticeable improvements to the previous ones but also had a few shortcomings, especially in the low frequencies. The Aida has corrected all that. It is perfect throughout the whole frequency spectrum and adds a level of clarity and coherence to the sound which is beyond all expectations. Simply fantastic. Highly recommended - and no, this is not snake oil !

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Aida CD Mat Recommendation
Sunday, 19 January 2020  | 

This is the third Marigo CD mat I've bought and it's definitely the best. Compared to the previous incarnation, the Clear Transformation mat, it's superior in many key areas particularly its ability to focus far deeper into the acoustic highlighting previously unheard details. It has turbo charged all my CDs which sound like they've been remastered. Music flows more easily, it sounds more natural top to bottom, it has amazing control of complex mixes including discs with lots of deep bass, and lead singers and supporting artists sound more live and in the room. It's amazing what the Aida can do and I highly recommend you buy one. It's an essential CD accessory.

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Saturday, 16 November 2019  | 

Have had previous incarnations but this is something else. I really thought it would be a subtle change it wasn't.How it works or why I don't know,it just does. More detail bigger soundstage. £179 well spent.

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