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WireWorld Platinum Electra Power Cord Cable

WireWorld Platinum Electra Power Cord Cable

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WireWorld Platinum Electra Power Cable

Supplied with fitted Furutech UK Mains Plug

The performance of audio and video components is often degraded by the noise present on the power line.

This noise comes from radio transmitters, electric motors, fluorescent lighting, dimmer switches, digital power supplies and numerous other sources. 

WireWorld's Noise Filtering Array power cords are designed to solve a completely different set of problems than audio and video cables. An ideal audio or video cable would pass the entire frequency range without alteration. However, an ideal power cord would pass only the 50Hz or 60Hz AC power, while blocking all other frequencies, thus preventing power line noise and harmonics from degrading the sound and imaging quality of the system.


The ultimate reference power cord! Platinum Electra’s conductors are made of Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) solid silver for improved low-level resolution and dynamics. Platinum Electra also feature newly developed connectors with contacts made of OCC silver, providing lowest contact resistance of any power connectors available.


Conductor type: Ohno Continuous Cast silver (OCC)
Insulation: Composilex™
Contacts: OCC silver
Mains plug: US, Euro & UK
Standard lengths:    2m (others to custom order)

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