PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-12 - Power cable - US Version - 1.5m - New Old Stock
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PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-12 - Power cable - US Version - 1.5m - New Old Stock

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PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-12 - Power cable - US Version - 1.5m - New Old Stock

The Reference-Level AC-12 is Built from 8-Gauge Single-Crystal Copper for the Finest Accuracy and the Highest Current Delivery.

PS Audio's PerfectWave AC-12 is absolutely the finest power cable PS Audio has ever made. Setting a new standard for high-end aftermarket power cables at any price, the AC-12 is an 8 gauge, PCOCC single crystal copper power cable. Quad shielded, using multiple gauge conductors of varying shapes conductors and solid machined connectors, the AC-12 is the perfect AC power cord for critical high-performance audio systems. The AC-12 really delivers sending ultra-clean current to your equipment, improving dynamic range and reducing the noise floor to astonishingly low levels.

The AC-12 is a low noise, high-speed design based on 5 patents and many years of critical listening and innovative engineering. The AC-12 brings out the soul of every track and every component you own.

With an AC-12 attached, you'll be floored as music erupts from a deep black background. The AC-12 delivers deep, controlled bass with a level of power and definition previously unimaginable. High-frequency extension becomes first-rate; sweet, clear and ethereal. The AC-12 reproduces voices, instruments and even sound effects with a level of realism unlike anything you've experienced from a PS Audio cable before!


  • Massive 8 gauge construction
  • PCOCC Single Crystal Copper 
  • Multiple gauge conductors Flat and circular conductors 
  • Superior noise reduction 
  • Low magnetic properties 
  • Cold and hot welded construction 
  • Highly durable Nickel-plated copper plugs
  • Connectors machined from a solid billet 
  • Quad shielding 
  • Removable ground pin Benefits
  • PS Audio's lowest noise AC cable yet
  • Fast transient response 
  • Instant current availability 
  • Low dynamic restriction 
  • Evenly distributed noise cancellation 
  • High surface area conductors 
  • Reduced grain boundaries 
  • Ground loops are easily eliminated





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