AudioQuest Firebird Mains Cable
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AudioQuest Firebird Mains Cable

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AudioQuest Firebird Mains Cable

Audioquest is making rolling changes to these cables starting May 1st 2021.
Please see here for more information.

The AudioQuest FireBird Source power cable is the first in AudioQuest's offering to introduce perfect-surface silver conductors. The combination of PSS and PSC+ offers huge leaps in performance improvements, while maintaining a lower price point with the PSC+ conductors. The introduction of PSS offers the lowest distortion out of the three types of conductors AudioQuest use, meaning your system will receive almost unaffected current supply for improved performance.
The AudioQuest Storm series power cables are constructed in a unique way. Each of the earth, live & neutral conductors are individually constructed as separate cables, intertwined together and terminated to a specially designed plug on both, the source and receiver ends. This unique design is highly efficient in reducing RF noise and electromagnetic interference, resulting in minimised distortion, finer detail and a lower background noise-floor.
As you move up through the Storm series, the quality of conductors improves, offering superior conductivity, minimised distortion and greater clarity. The first power cable in the storm series, the Thunder, features a combination of long-grain copper & perfect-surface copper conductors. At the top of the Storm series is the AudioQuest Dragon power cable, and this is constructed with a combination of perfect-surface copper+ & perfect-surface silver conductors for ultimate performance.
Each power cable within the Storm series offers similar improvements. However moving up in the Storm series delivers a greater degree of improvements, such as; enhanced dynamics, reduced noise-floor, punchier bass, larger spacial presentation, greater air movement, less fatiguing sounds & clearer clarity.
When comparing the "Source" power cables with the "High-Current" power cables, the Source cables feature smaller gauge solid-core conductors, designed for low-to-moderate current consuming Hi-Fi components, such as; CD Players, DACs, Streamers, Blu-Ray Players, Computers, Music Servers, Turntables, Phono Stages & TVs.
The Source Storm series is optimised for enhancing AudioQuest's Noise-Dissipation technology, yielding greater performance improvements when used with source audio/video components. AudioQuest's engineers have created a wide range of unique source-specific power cables, each offering improvements while maintaining an excellent price to performance ratio.

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