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Keith Monks discOvery™ 78 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid
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Keith Monks discOvery™ 78 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid

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Keith Monks discOvery™78 Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid

  • Please note, this fluid is for use on shellac. See the discOver™ 33/45 fluid for vinyl records 
  • See the discOvery™ BreakTheMold™ fluid for anti fungal treatment on both shellac and vinyl records

Keith Monks. "Making records sound better since 1969."

Introducing discOvery™ Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids, a new generation of specialist record cleaning solutions from Keith Monks. discOvery™ not only deep cleans, it also reveals the true fidelity hidden in your records. 

Pure and natural, mild yet potent, Keith Monks discOvery™ delivers an unrivalled combination of deep cleaning, noise reduction and sound enhancement… and yet our unique recipes contain no alcohol and no artificial chemicals or additives at all. Nothing but pure natural botanicals and other renewable natural ingredients, all made entirely from plants and the purest triple filtered distilled water. Non-polluting, and completely biodegradable. Carefully blended and perfected from an original Monks recipe dating back to 1976.

Keith Monks discOvery™ is the perfect cleaning fluid for all your vinyl LP records, 45s, 78s and other shellac discs, and leaves absolutely no audible residue after vacuuming. Use discOvery™ on brand new unplayed discs as well as well-loved treasures, and just listen to the difference it makes. 

Dust, dirt and grease are removed. Surface noise is removed. Static is removed. Mold (“mould”), mildew and other organic deposits are removed. Residue from smoke, open fires, food and other condensed fumes are removed. Particle residue from pressing stampers are removed. Mineral deposits, residue from previously used cleaning fluids and impure water, and other minerals and hardened deposits are removed. 

Of course as you would expect from Keith Monks, discOvery™ doesn’t just cut the noise either. The Keith Monks RCM's reputation for sound enhancement as well as noise reduction is partly down to its ability to remove not just greasy marks but also just the right amount of mold release stamper oils (record pressing plants often use excess amounts to improve yield, but it muddies the sound) while still leaving a sufficient protective layer – perfect for brand new discs. 

It is the improvements to the sound itself that has made the Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine especially famous, and this has been constantly in our minds during the development of discOvery™. 

Results of the new formula have been beyond our expectations: middle and upper frequencies sparkle with natural clarity, and the lower registers glow with previously unheard warmth and depth. Recordings become more open and detailed, with the soundstage dramatically improved overall. During tests listeners reported the sound appeared “wider, more panoramic” yet “completely natural, like listening to real instruments”.

The discOvery™ range includes separate specialist fluids for LP and 45rpm vinyl records, shellac (78rpm) discs, plus a concentrated antifungal pre-wash solution for especially soiled records.

Tested by the University of Southampton England, ‘planet friendly’ and affordably priced. Keith Monks discOvery™ performs in perfect harmony with all Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines - naturally.

Complete one-bottle all-natural cleaning solution for restoring 78s and other shellac records


  • Mild yet potent formula, the complete cleaning solution for rare, early, unusual and valuable records such as acetates, lacquers, laminated and vulcanite discs
  • Dissolves and removes dirt and grease
  • Removes needle debris, dust and other particles
  • Superior antifungal action
  • Removes static
  • Leaves no audible or visible residue
  • 100% natural plant-based active ingredients blended with pure finest grade triple filtered distilled water
  • Natural dye for easy identification (from super concentrate, leaves no residue) 
  • Delivers best-ever sound quality enhancement and noise reduction from a Keith Monks RCM.
  • 1 litre (cleans around 200 ‘78’ sides*)

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