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IsoTek EVO3 Optimum Mains Cable
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IsoTek EVO3 Optimum Mains Cable

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IsoTek EVO3 Optimum Mains Cable

  • Available from 2.0m in length.

The Optimum is the third of IsoTek’s high-performance power cables to be upgraded to the new advanced EVO3 (Evolution 3) version, and is clearly positioned at the top of the range.

Advanced thinking, superior materials

The new EVO3 Optimum delivers radical advances over its predecessor, the earlier GII version. Cutting-edge thinking in terms of conductor geometries has been combined with excellent materials to develop a cable of superlative quality.

At the Optimum’s core are three silver plated copper conductors made from Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper. The OCC process for refining copper, developed and patented by Professor Ohno of Japan’s Chiba Institute of Technology, gives a vastly superior level of purity compared with traditional OFC copper. The benefits for audio and AV applications include outstanding electrical conductivity along with improved flexibility and resistance to fatigue and corrosion.

Each of the three 3.0sqmm conductors features a new and innovative square-shaped configuration of 40 strands, each strand also being of square cross-section. This unique design provides an enlarged inter-strand contact surface, further enhancing electrical conductivity. 

A high quality Teflon FEP dielectric (insulation) is extruded over each conductor, providing a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. The three conductors are given a slight rotational twist to aid RFI and EMI rejection, and are then surrounded by a cotton filler which, as well is adding internal strength and reducing microphony, also possesses superb dielectric properties – similar to FEP.  The whole construction is then double shielded by first enclosing it in a Mylar wrap to provide an additional dielectric buffer, before applying an active OFC copper shield for maximum rejection of high frequency interference. A durable, heat-resistant PVC outer jacket gives a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength.

Finally, the EVO3 Optimum is terminated by hand using IsoTek’s bespoke audiophile grade 24-carat gold plated connectors. Connectors at the component end are available in C7, C15 and C19 IEC varieties, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio and AV equipment.

A clear difference

“Our new EVO3 Optimum has been significantly enhanced on almost every level” says Keith Martin, IsoTek’s founder and managing director. “Compared to its predecessor, it features a larger conductor size, superior conductor material, a new innovative design, and improved dielectric and mechanical properties.”

The resulting sonic benefits are easily heard, from greater bass weight and precision to a more detailed and extended airy treble. A lowering of the noise floor leads to inky black silences between notes and between performers on the soundstage. The soundstage itself has a stronger degree of focus, as well as supremely stable image positioning. Greater micro-details lead to a more realistic timbre and a more natural sound quality.

The Optimum’s larger conductor size, and its high quality materials and construction, make it the ideal choice for upgrading the performance of any audio or AV system - from front-end equipment to components with higher current demands such as power amplifiers, subwoofers and video projectors.

Adds Martin, “The product has evolved, but our aim has remained the same: to deliver class-leading performance at outstanding value for money.”

IsoTek EVO3 Optimum: key features at a glance

  • Construction: A new innovative construction featuring three 3.0sqmm square conductors of 40 square cross-section strands provides an enlarged contact surface, designed for superior electrical conductivity.
  • Conductors: Silver plated Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper conductors provide exceptional levels of conductivity, as well as being highly resilient and less likely to fracture or degrade over time.
  • Dielectric (insulation): A high quality Teflon FEP dielectric (insulation) provides a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses an exceptionally high degree of stress crack resistance and a low coefficient of friction making it an exceptional dielectric, and is the first choice for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.
  • Filler: A cotton filler gives the cable internal strength, adds mechanical damping and reduces microphony. Cotton also possesses excellent dielectric properties very similar to FEP.
  • Wrap: A Mylar wrap is used to shield the cable from high frequency radiation.
  • Copper shield: An active OFC copper shield drains RFI to earth protecting the conductors from common mode noise.
  • Jacket: PVC is used as an outer jacket to give a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength.
  • 24-carat gold termination: Termination of the EVO3 Optimum is done by hand using IsoTek’s bespoke audiophile grade 24-carat gold plated connectors.

Available terminated with UK, EU, US and Australian mains plugs and with C7, C15 and C19 IEC connectors.



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