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Ringmat Vivacity AR Platform System - Fireworks Version

Ringmat Vivacity AR Platform System - Fireworks Version

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Ringmat Vivacity AR Platform System - Fireworks Version 

  • Please Note: The Black Rack is for illustration purposes only and is not included.


Ringmat Vivacity consists of a series of related support panels and domes, each with an essential role in tackling resonance. This unique, modular design enables users to acquire the complete system at once or to build up performance in stages.

Dark Vivacity Panel - Fireworks Version - This lies at the heart of the concept and is the prime support platform. This 13mm rigid hard foam panel features a lightweight core with millions or air-filled bubbles, sandwiched between two layers of black wood fibre veneer.

Topper Panel - This is a 5mm intermediate surface of the same hard foam materials used for the Dark Vivacity Panel. It works to redistribute the weight of the equipment onto nodal points, thereby reducing resonance within the mass. 


  • Starter Pack Contains - Installation Guide, 1 Dark Vivacity Panel, 4 Mini Domes, 1 Statfoot, 1 Positioning Guide and 1 Placement Guide.
  • Additional Dark Vivacity Panel Pack Contains - 1 Dark Vivacity Panel, 4 Mini Domes, & 1 Statfoot.
  • Vivacity Base Panel Contains - 1 Dark Vivacity Panel Only.
  • Vivacity Topper Panel Upgrade Pack Contains - 1 Vivacity Topper Panel, 1 Vivacity Sparkle Sheet.

This Fireworks Version is screen printed and has an explosive performance:

  • Cleaner, crisper sound,
  • Outstanding resolution and separation,
  • Enhanced power and dynamics,
  • Wider, deeper soundstage,
  • Improved sense of timing and rhythm,
  • Added solidity to sound images,
  • Extra clarity of intonation of voice inflections. 
  • Ringmat Vivacity AR is the first and only dedicated solution that eliminates the corruption from resonance in your Hi-Fi or home cinema equipment.
  • Ringmat Vivacity AR uses specially-designed controlled resonance panels which shield the equipment from resonance-generated signal distort.
  • In conclusion, Ringmat Vivacity AR is definitely the best solution for the elimination of resonance in Hi-Fi and AV systems. 

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