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Ringmat Isolation Domes

Ringmat Isolation Domes

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Ringmat Isolation Domes 

Use Ringmat Domes under loudspeakers, turntables, CD players, amplifiers, tuners, video machines, all other items of Hi-Fi or AV equipment, and all supporting platforms, shelves etc.

Ringmat Domes can be used on their own and will generally outperform most other isolation point support products. They perform even better in conjunction with Statfeet. Nevertheless, for best results directly under speakers and equipment, they should be used with Ringmat Feet (which include a Statfoot with every set). 

When used in conjunction with Ringmat Feet, Domes can enable loudspeakers to provide a sound quality that is superior to that using traditional spikes.This concept was first passed to Ringmat by a Danish Hi-Fi manufacturer called Holfi, when they were trying the Ringmat Feet under loudspeakers, but they needed an additional component to fit between the underside of the speaker and the top of the Feet. Ringmat Domes were conceived as being the best solution, whereupon it was then established that they outperformed cones and most other forms of isolation point support under all sorts of components and in the support of platforms, shelving systems etc. 

Each Dome is made of compressed cork. It has the shape and appearance of a cone but without a point a the top. There are three sizes, Mini, Small and Large available in sets of 3 or 4. 


For weights up to 39kg, the Small Domes have a nominal diameter of 42mm and a height of approximately 19mm.

For weights up to 69kg, the Large Domes have a nominal diameter of 56mm and a height of approximately 25mm. 

Where a lower profile is required, use the Mini Domes. These have a nominal diameter of 21mm and a height of approximately 9.5mm. Although noted for weights up to 13kg, in practice they have been used for much heavier weights, up to 69kg, but with some loss of shape.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to be categorical about which size of Dome produces the best sonic performance. A number of factors can come into play. For example, when used on glass shelving, the Large Domes can seem to provide the best sound because they appear to be able to absorb so much more of the 'ringing' resonance. 

Whilst using three Domes instead of four may sometimes result in a superior sound quality, sch arrangements are les secure. This is particularly important consideration with regard to loudspeakers. Therefore, when considering whether to use three or four Domes, please bear in mind the increase risk of accident when using three instead of four. We can not be held responsible for accidental damage to speakers or equipment.  


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Very surprising turntable support
Friday, 15 May 2015  | 

my first review on this site and I felt I had to let others know what a big difference these have made to my turntable!

I have an RP3 with RP6 feet on a rega shelf. I bought the mini supports and placed them under the RP6 feet and on top of the rega shelf cups.

Doing the A-B test and the difference is absolutely worth the price!! Wide, wide, wide soundstage with a lot more focus on instruments, vocals and a deeper bass.

Would highly recommend them to anyone

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