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Ringmat Cheetah Isolation Feet

Ringmat Cheetah Isolation Feet

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Ringmat Cheetah Isolation Feet 

Vibration control for the base of your Hi-Fi and home cinema equipment and speakers. Another innovative product from the designers of Ringmat and Statmat

You can use Ringmat Feet with turntables, CD Players, SACD Players, DVD Players, Tuners, Tape Players, Amplifiers, AV Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Loudspeakers and any other item of Hi-Fi or home cinema equipment. 

As a music lover, you are as selective about your Hi-Fi equipment as your are about your music. Similarly, if you are a home cinema enthusiast, you will be as concerned about the picture as well as the sound. That's why Ringmat has designed another product to help get the best possible sound and picture during playback out of your equipment. 

Ringmat Feet control and disperse the mechanical and electrical vibrations that would otherwise spoil the sound quality of Hi-Fi and the sound and picture of home cinema systems. These vibrations are natural by-products of any Hi-Fi or home cinema system, and they cause loss of information and signal phase distortions. Ringmat Feet minimise the effect of these vibrations. You'll notice the difference immediately.  

Just place Ringmat Feet under each foot of your equipment and bring your music to life.

Constructed from a careful selection of materials, Ringmat Feet work in much the same way as a Ringmat, controlling the mechanical vibrations and the effects of resonance by decoupling equipment from their support surfaces and dispersing vibrational energy into the air in and around the feet.

Through the inclusion in each set of Ringmat Feet of a Statfoot, based on our Statmat technology, the problems of electrical vibration are also noticeably reduced. This is achieved by decoupling electromagnetic fields by breaking the contacts between the equipment and their support surfaces.

The problem with mechanical and electrical vibrations is that they corrupt the signals by introducing phase errors and therefore contaminate the sound of Hi-Fi systems and reduce the picture quality in home cinema systems. By using Ringmat Feet, the result is a cleaner, crisper sound, thats far more musical and closer to the original recording.



  • Normal Thickness - 7.7mm
  • Overall Diameter - 73.5mm 
  • Set of 3 - Suitable for equipment or speakers up to 10.5kg
  • Set of 4 - Suitable for equipment or speakers up to 13kg 


  • Cleaner, crisper sound.
  • Greater resolution and separation
  • Wider, deeper soundstage
  • Enhanced power and dynamics 
  • Improved sense of timing and rhythm
  • Clearer intonation, voice inflections and ambience of recording venue.






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