Clearlight Audio RDC 4 Cones (Qty 3)
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Clearlight Audio RDC 4 Cones (Qty 3)

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Clearlight Audio RDC 4 Cones (Pack of 3)

  • Cone measuring 55mm in diameter and 25mm tall, load capacity 35kg per cone
  • Especially adapted for Turntables, CD players, DVD, Blu Ray and Amplifiers

RDC4 cones bear a close resemblance to the RDC3s except that they are in two halves, a curved base section and the top supporting section. These two halves of RDC are separated by small dots of sorbothane . Although expensive, the RDC4 cone has to be heard. Supplied in packs of 3.

RDC stands for Resonance Dampening Compound. We know that accoustic waves, resonance, spreads within a homogeneous material at aconstant speed and direction. If we introduce another material, speed and direction are effected, resonance is influenced and cannot pass without being affected by the physical change in material. Therefore inhomogeneous materials do not conduct resonace well.

RDC has been created from microgranules of materials at each end of the elasticity module with the same mass. The result is a very high mechanically stable inhomogeneous material that offers equal treatment of resonance frequencies across the audible range. Resonance is dampened equally.

"The sound became precise only after having set the equipment one by one on Clearlight Audio spikes."

"No question: You get nowhere more sound for your money."


"The whole soundstage became more focused and stable. The guitars had more attack and body, the drums more power, depth and texture. But it was the voice that really did it. Far more real, the breathing a totally natural part of the performance, the vocals suddenly became warmer and more solid, yet at the same time more detailed and intimate. Drive and attack both improved, no doubt helped by the increase in instrumental presence."

The result was rather like Sorbothane, but without the softness and rounding that goes with that material. The RDP’s are therefore better."



  • Dimensions 55mm x 25mm
  • Max load 35kg per cone

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