Atlas Cables McCallum Isolators
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Atlas Cables McCallum Isolators

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Atlas McCallum Isolators

During the development of the Asimi Ultra plug, we investigated the use of certain types of slow dried wood (as many have a lower dielectric constant lower than Teflon) for the internal insert material. Having built up samples, we were happy with the results, however we could not maintain the very thin sectional wall thicknesses we required for the plug during production.


  • Celtic -44mm with 19mm (Height)
  • Blackwood – 42mm with 11mm (Height)

The wood we particularly were attracted to was African Blackwood and on further investigation we were pleasantly surprised to find that African Blackwood was used as the main wood species used to construct the chanters and pipes in Scottish Bagpipes!

The reason that it is such a great material for musical instruments is that it's one of the densest and most absorbent woods around. These properties also ensure that strips of this material are often found with guitars, cellos and many woodwind instruments etc.

We approached the largest Scottish bagpipe producer in the world, McCallum, based in our home town of Kilmarnock, to see if we could come up with a collaborative project that would be of interest to our many customers around the world.

The isolators are available in two forms: the Atlas McCallum Isolator (AMI) is a seven comb design for use principally with stand mounted loudspeakers, although floor standing speakers with small form factors would be ideal; the Atlas McCallum Celtic Isolator (AMCI) with its double mass and load bearing outer polished retention cup should be used when more severe mechanical isolation or large form factor loudspeakers are used. The AMCI has a Scottish 3 comb Celtic design pattern engraved on its surface which is unique to these Atlas products. 

These products aim to reduce transmission coupled mechanical vibration principally between a speaker cabinet and the room environment. Both devices reduce the amount of speaker cabinet energy coupling to the floor surface, effectively isolating the speaker thereby allowing the cabinet and drive units to work without the detrimental effects of environmental room contamination.

Both Isolators are beautifully hand crafted and produced in Scotland.

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