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Tungsten Grooves D70-H47 Vibration Isolation Feet
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Tungsten Grooves D70-H47 Vibration Isolation Feet

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Prices are per unit. For a full size chassis item like an amp or a dac a minimum of 3 units would be required. Smaller items would require one or two units. 

Tungsten Grooves D70-H47 Vibration Isolation Feet

Weighing in at over 3kg each, the D70-H47 – the bigger brother of the D70-H33 – has been affectionally code-named ‘fat boy’ by our founder and its designer Paul Fowler.

The fat boys offers a greater height clearance of 47mm for components where it’s needed. Height clearance is not the only reason for choosing this model if your budget will stretch to it.

It out performs the D70-H33 due to the increased volume of the tungsten alloy present. Paul uses this model under his Chord Dave in his setup.

Tungsten Grooves

Introducing a whole new class of vibration isolation feet by Tungsten Grooves, designed specifically to remove and neutralise micro vibrations from your HiFi components and the surroundings.
Every Tungsten Grooves isolation foot is precision engineered using premium materials carefully refined in over three years of product development.
Improve your sound quality, transform the sound stage, lower the base, hear hidden detail.

Simple To Install and Remove

There is no need to remove the manufacturer’s existing feet from your component as the feet are designed to sit in full contact with your component’s chassis and your hifi furniture.
Simply place your Tungsten Grooves isolation feet under your component and adjust their positioning until you have achieved the optimal effect for your component. 
Making these one of the easiest and quickest upgrades to install in your setup. 

Our Patented Design

Tungsten Grooves have now been granted a patent which protects the design and its unique powder containing central chamber. This means that there is nothing else out there like it.
You can find out more about what makes our vibration isolation feet so special here.
We continue to innovate with a number of other products currently in the research and development phase.

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