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HRT DACS and A2D Converters

In the USA, Muse's Kevin Halverson and Classic Records' Mike Hobson are bringing audiophile the masses. They've formed a new venture called High Resolution Technologies to market products that don't quite fit in line with their own company's offerings.

First up are two USB Digital to analogue converters called the Music Streamer and Music Streamer Plus . Both products hook up to the USB port on a typical computer and convert the digital audio data to a stereo analogue signal. Handy for using a PC or Mac as a music server or streaming web radio etc.

With the accelerating presence of more and more digital streaming devices use to play our favourite pieces of music from our desktop or laptop computers, the level of quality as well as design and engineering execution used in those applications has become of increased relevance to the audiophile and high-end community


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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items
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