Spirit Torino Valkyrie Statement Headphones
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Spirit Torino Valkyrie Statement Headphones

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Spirit Torino Valkyrie Statement Headphones

A titanium sculpture for the most powerful Twin Pulse engine ever made. Every aspect of this project was designed for a single purpose - establish a new standard for headphone listening regardless of the technology used.

The two drive revolvers, with their exceptional weight / power ratio, each generated by 10 powerful neodymium magnets, arranged in such a way as to concentrate all the magnetic flux on the moving coil, are able to push the patented isobaric motor unit, until every more small sonic detail up to the threshold of audibility, so much so that it was necessary to select electronic partners with an absolute black background.

The new grade 5 titanium frame represents a culmination of our concept of inertial frame, with double stiffness compared to previous frames, allowing for acoustic focus and a simply impressive placement in the three-dimensional space of the sound event.

The Ventilation Pad System Evo, made of Alcantara, leather and Texalium, with its complex structure that includes an acoustic labyrinth, the pressure relief of the ear chamber and an ear height register, represents the most refined and efficient system ever designed for a headphone, able to eliminate the sensation of having a headphone on your head, but simply of the music around you.

The wiring of the Valkyria, light and very flexible, deserves a separate chapter. The precious signal is transported by a dual wiring structure, totally symmetrical, made of a perimeter braid composed of 16 pure silver cables and a coaxial core of copper ofc cable per channel, developing a total of 36 cables that are soldered with tin to silver directly to the revolver drives in order not to lose efficiency in the transport of current. The internal connections between the drives are made of silver with an adequate section.

The connections to the amplification use the best rhodium-plated Canon Furutechs, with standard 4-pin xlrs or the precious double 3-pin xlrs.

The whole Valkyria system contributes to defining a listening experience that has few comparisons in terms of transparency, acoustic resolution, speed, dynamics, timbre correctness, three-dimensionality and naturalness.

The designer's point of view

Facing a design, calling into question every choice of a project as complex as the Twin Pulse, was not an easy thing.

The greatest difficulty was that of freeing the analysis of design solutions from the "production cost" concept because Valkyria had to be an extreme tribute to the art of music. From the first moment I put a headset on my head, I always had a clear feeling: I wanted to hear something more, perceive every sound perspective until I found the very essence of the music, but this research cannot be limited to just the technique because the music touches our soul and there is no tool to measure this aspect.

I wanted a headset capable of capturing the listener's attention in an instant to the point of requiring absolute concentration, a concentration capable of abstracting the listener from real life and projecting him on the other side of the microphones, there on stage with the musicians, to experience a strong emotion. Listening to Valkyria with your eyes closed, in complete silence is just like that: it seems to ideally look beyond the membrane of the microphones and see the music.

For this reason I invite you to let yourself be carried away by this sensory journey without too many audiophile technicalities.

TECHNOLOGY Twin Pulse isobaric System
DRIVE 2x drives Spirit
MAGNETS 13,7 + 13,7 Kg
CABLE LENGTH 1,8 m integrated cable double copper + silver
WEIGTH  580 gr
PAD Leather/Alcantara + Ventilation Pad System Evo

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