Oyaide HPSC-63HD500 2.5mm to 6.3mm Headphone Cable 2.5m - NEW OLD STOCK
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Oyaide HPSC-63HD500 2.5mm to 6.3mm Headphone Cable 2.5m - NEW OLD STOCK

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Oyaide HPSC-63HD500 2.5mm to 6.3mm Headphone Cable 2.5m - NEW OLD STOCK - RRP £59

The "HPSC Series" is a headphone portable audio cable from Oyaide Electric that features a precision conductor "102 SSC" and a "100% pure silk filament". The precision conductor "102 SSC" is based on Class 1 oxygen-free copper, and has been created using the world's top Japan-class copper stretching and wire drawing technology, such as "mechanical peeling" that physically removes 100% of impurities on the copper wire surface, "natural diamond die" that smoothes the copper wire surface to the utmost limit, heat treatment that is strictly temperature controlled, and thorough control of the uniformity of the wire diameter with a processing accuracy of ± of 1 μm or lessIt is a conductor for audio cables from Oyaide Electric.

The thickness of the signal line composed by the precision conductor "102 SSC" is 0.3 scare. From delicate highs to powerful lows, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. The "100% pure silk filament" used in the inclusion/exterior jacket effectively suppresses static electricity and vibration, and greatly reduces noise. High-resolution and clear sound has been achieved.

The chic white and black mosaic cable color will match any headphones without any discomfort.

And now, the "HPSC Series" will be joined by a bayonet locking headphone cable [HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500]. The HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500 can be used for Sennheiser's traditional HD598 series, such as the HD599/HD500, and the audio-technica M series, which is popular as a studio monitor.

The bayonet-type locking mechanism of the HPSC-35HD500 and HPSC-62HD500 is designed and adjusted with micron-level precision, and molded to provide a smooth and strong hold. The resin for the mold is made of engineering plastic (PBT) that has excellent durability and dimensional accuracy, and whose hardness has been optimized so that the locking mechanism on the side of the headphone body does not wear out even when repeatedly attached and detached.

This ensures that the headphones are held reliably and does not wear out the headphones themselves. In addition, the handle is equipped with a machined brass chrome-plated cover with fine knurling. It makes it easy to attach and detach cables, as well as bringing texture beauty to the bayonet clip. In addition, the 2.5φ3-pole pin of the bayonet clip is plated with 18K gold.

The HPSC Series is a new replacement for the HPC Series. The key technologies are "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" and "Silk". The cable conductor is made of Precision Conductor 102 SSC, a new material that replaces PCOCC-A. As a high-end audio cable, the "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" created by Oyaide Electric has already been highly acclaimed around the world, but this is the first time it has been used in a headphone cable. The conductor configuration is 7/7/0.089 rope twist with excellent flex resistance, and its thickness is 0.3 scares with a margin. From delicate highs to powerful lows, delicate headphone output is faithfully transmitted without stagnation. "Precision Conductor 102 SSC" is also used for the shield to create a spiral shield with excellent flexibility.

The intervention is made of 100% pure silk filament, which has low capacitance and does not charge static electricity. When a signal flows through the cable, a weak vibration is generated, and a substance charged with static electricity causes a corona discharge due to the vibration. To solve this problem, mount silk filament. In addition, the exterior of the cable is also covered with a "100% pure silk jacket". These synergies have significantly reduced noise without compromising flexibility. The chic white and black mosaic cable color matches any headphone without any discomfort.

The plug and cable are soldered with lead-free silver solder "SS-47" for acoustics. Ordinary solder has a tin purity of about 99.9% (3N) from a cost perspective. "SS-47" uses high-purity tin with a total of 99.993% (4N) or more, further increasing the purity and eliminating impurities to the utmost limit. In addition, for the purpose of improving conductivity and preventing solder from being eaten, silver and copper are blended.

Moreover, in the case of ordinary alloy solder, the silver blending ratio is 3~3.5%, but "SS-47" generously adds a whopping 4.7%. In addition, it contains 1.7% copper, which has the second highest conductivity after silver among metals. This blending ratio dramatically improves the conductivity and succeeds in setting the eutectic point to 217 degrees. Of course, these blending ratios were not judged only by numerical data and workability.

In order to be labeled as audio solder, we believe that sound quality should be the top priority. The "SS-47" was created through numerous hearing tests of prototype models with various blending ratios.

Compatible models
audio-technica: ATH-M70x/ATH-M50x/ATH-M40x
ULTRASONE:Signature Pro/Signature DJ/Signature Studio/Performance 880/Performance 860/Performance 840

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