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iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal Regenerator
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iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal RegeneratoriFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal RegeneratoriFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal Regenerator

iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal Regenerator

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iFi Audio iGalvanic3.0 USB Signal Regenerator

The iGalavnic3.0 is the one-stop USB audio enhancement solution for every computer audiophile. It offers the USB Trinity of:Audiophile-grade galvanic isolation

Who benefits from the iGalvanic3.0?

Everyone who uses USB for computer audio. More specifically, the iGalvanic3.0 is the ideal solution to:

Break ground loops

Avoid noise-coupling in applications that require hi-speed USB transfers.

Thus, the iGalvanic3.0 is the perfect solution for computer audiophiles through to recording studios seeking maximum sound quality from their USB digital audio system.

All-new USB3.0 galvanic isolation AND all-new USB2.0 galvanic isolation

The iGalvanic3.0 is fully USB 3.0 (and 2.0) standard compliant, with support for all speeds (from 1.5Mbps to 5Gbps) and all transfer modes (including isochronous audio streaming).

The iGalvanic3.0 features two distinctly separate galvanic isolation stages. One for USB3.0 and the other for USB2.0. They CANNOT be the same because the fundamental architecture is different:

USB 3.0: has separate transmitting AND receiving lines.

USB 2.0: is bi-directional, on one SHARED line.

Both USB 3.0 and USB2.0 galvanic isolation stages are ground-up, new platforms dedicated for computer audiophile systems and available to no-one else.

USB3.0 galvanic isolation – world first

The iGalvanic3.0 is the first product in the world to offer USB3.0 galvanic isolation. As previously outlined, with separate transmitting AND receiving lines, this is superior to USB2.0 at handling high data volumes and is future proof.


From the development of the iUSB3.0 devices, we already have the in-house technology to improve the USB signal (and power). These stages have been incorporated into the iGalvanic3.0.

This means that every data flow is regenerated, subject to the iGalvanic3.0’s own precision master clock and recreated in the process.

In the iGalvanic3.0 we have not one, but TWO stages hence REclock2/REgenerate2/REbalance2 which we felt was necessary for the ultimate in computer audio.

3.0 Audiophile power supply section. Built-in.

For ease of use and utility, the iGalvanic3.0 operates from USB Bus Power. A USB3.0 Port is preferred

Measured noise is 0.5uV(0.0000005V) @ 500mA load. This is bettered only by the micro iUSB3.0 and comprehensively outclasses every other non-iFi USB device.

When operating from a USB3.0 or higher port, the iGalvanic3.0 can deliver up to 900mA iolsted low-noise power.

GroundLink. To suit different systems

All computer audio systems are different. Understanding this is behind why the iGalvanic3.0 is dedicated for computer audio use – where it must suit different Ground/Earth setups.

The Ground link switch is to optimize isolation in systems where:

Full Isolation: (default – center position)

DC to RF soft ground-link: (to avoid hum in systems without earth – up position)

RF soft ground-link: (to avoid audio drop-outs in systems without RF earth – down position)

Aircraft-grade aluminium for EMI/RFI shielding

The iGalvanic3.0 features the iFi trademark aluminum housing. This enclosure acts as a shield against harmful electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) to further minimize noise. Blocking all the noise coming from a PC results in vast sound quality improvements. Non-aluminium designs offer little to no shielding from EMI/RFI.

Output Voltage: 5V ± 3% @ 500mA load
Output Current: 900mA max.
Output Noise foor: 0.5uV(0.0000005V) @ 500mA
USB Standards: USB 3.0 Super-speed 5.0Gbps - USB 2.0 Hi-speed 480Mbps - USB 2.0 Full-speed 12Mbps - USB 2.0 Low-speed 1.5Mbps
Connector host-side: USB 3.0 B-Type
Connector device-side: USB 3.0 A-Type
Input Voltage: DC 4.5V to 5.5V USB Bus Power
Power consumption: 6W (includes powered USBdevice)
Electrical Safety Standard: BS 7671:2008 ELV
Isolation Device max Voltage: 3000 Vrms Isolation Voltage per UL 1577
Dimensions: 93 (l) x 67 (w) x 28 (h) mm
Weight: 128g

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