HiFiMAN HE-1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones
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HiFiMAN HE-1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

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HiFiMAN HE-1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones

Revolutionary in design and engineering, the diaphragm in nanometer thickness of the HiFi Man HE1000 V2 Planar Magnetic Headphones is extremely low in mass, which helps it acheive a faster response rate and lower distortion.


  • Slightly more ergonomical design to the original HE-1000 headphones. Including an improved headband design that is lighter, stiffer and able to accommodate a wider range of head sizes.
  • Slimmer ear cups reducing weight on the ears and increasing comfort
  • Exceptional sonic performance and luxurious materials bestow quality and exclusivity
  • The HE-1000 V2 is built on world first technology and over 7 years of research using nanometer grade materials to give you the most amazing sound quality

Advanced and Asymmetrical

Based on 7 years of extensive research and devotion into the groundbreaking design, the headphones hold the capability to produce a near perfect reproduction of live music. Because the insufficient construction of sound apertures from classical planar magnetic driver creates reflections, deflections, and refraction of sound waves, resulting in audible distortion, the HE1000 V2s feature an advanced asymmetrical planar driver. The innovative design of the double-sided, asymmetrical magnetic circuit is the perfect combination of the diaphragm in nanometer thickness and its Magnetic partner resulting in authentic Planar Magic.

Patented Window Shade System

The patented 'Window Shade' system was Created to meet the need for driver protection with an optimized open-back design. Traditional grill designs tend to reflect sound waves, creating audible interference and distortion but this design is precisely structured for optimal open-back design. It prevents interference from the soundwaves which cause distortion to gain a wider and natural soundstage and remarkable clarity.

Meticulously crafted

With its unique design, exceptional function and exquisite craftsmanship, the HE1000 V2 is quality checked by hand ensuring the item you receive is of total luxury standards.

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06 June 2020  | 

Difficult to stick to the recommendation to burn them in for 150 hours but I just about managed it. You either love the look of them or you donít and I do. Build quality is a massive step up from my 400i, as it should be given the price. Totally stunning music transducers. Very low distortion helps with unparalleled levels of detail and instrument separation but these headphones also present the music as one whole piece despite the incredible level of detail available. Their energy and dynamic capability bring new life to all genres of music. Some people say they are base light. They donít have a mid bass hump that only really serves to muddy the lower mids but when there is real bass in the music you hear it loud and clear. Micro-detail rendering is superb with wonderful tonal shadings revealed adding greatly to the listening experience. They are very Ďhonestí about the capabilities of your partnering equipment and Iíve already swapped my best DAC out of my loudspeaker based system as you can hear itís benefits more clearly through the headphones and Iím sure a better headphone amp will be next. Best music experience Iíve had outside of a concert hall.

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