Van den Hul HDMI Repeater
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Van den Hul HDMI Repeater

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Van den Hul HDMI Repeater

HDMI cabling needs to support digital data rates up to GigaBits per second.
At such high data speeds unavoidable signal losses occur which, dependent on the length and quality of your HDMI cabling, can lead to reduced picture quality (pixelization) or even a complete loss of picture.

To solve this problem in A/V installations where the HDMI cable lengths are significant, we introduce our HDMI Repeater:

Plugged in between your HDMI cabling, the van den Hul HDMI Repeater allows you to bridge larger distances while maintaining a trouble-free and clean HDMI signal.

Repeaters are originally found in professional broadband data networks. Placed at regular intervals, they recondition the signal and serve to maintain proper signal level, quality and integrity. Specially designed for HDMI signals, our repeater does the same.


  • Is fully compliant with the HDMI™ 1.3 standard; i.e. passes all video resolutions and audio formats.
  • Can extend up to a total of 35 meters of HDMI cable from the signal source.
  • Can receive power through the HDMI cable directly from the HDMI signal source, however an external AC adapter is supplied and recommended, especially for long cable applications.
  • It's included AC adapter is available in a European, U.S.A. or UK version.
  • Is easy to use. Just plug and play.

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